Thursday 13 - Worst Chores

I'm not big on cleaning anything. This summer my son will be joining the Coast Guard and I'm not sure what I'll do about keeping my house tidy once he's gone. He's been my housekeeper for years. The vacuuming, dusting, etc were his chores. He was handsomely paid in cash and video games.

But as I recall, these are the worse of the chores I shall once again face.

13. Laundry - I am so opposed to this, I buy dozens and dozens of socks and underwear just so the event doesn't come up to often.

12. Vacuuming - I have a lot of animals and this is a frequent job, and I hate lugging a vacuum cleaner around the house.

11. Windows - Nope, they'll never get done again.

10. Dusting - It doesn't matter how many kinds of wipes, clothes, or wands they come out with, I don't like to dust. Especially, when it's those rungs on the bottoms of chairs.

9. Washing Dishes - I love to cook and messing up all the pots and pans and plates, but I hate to wash them.

8. Making the bed - Does anyone else find this a waste of time. By the time I do it, the day's half over, and soon the bed is messed up again.

7. Emptying the Trash Cans - We have what seems like a gazillon. We're trashy people and have a wastebasket in every room of the house, and that's a lot since we have about 2 dozen rooms.

6. Washing the House Siding - Needs done twice a year. Maybe I can change that to twice a lifetime.

5. Mopping the floors - Ack, amonia gives me a headache, but it's the only thing that makes the dirt bubble up.

4. Mowing the Lawn - Ah the riding aride in a billow of pollen and dust, choke, gag, cough-cough.

3. Cleaning the Vehicles - Yeah for automatic car washes. Boo for having to vacuum and dust the interior.

2. Cleaning the Tub & Shower & Toilet - Hate it, hate it, hate it.

1. Ceaning the Ferret cage - OMG what dirty little rats they are. One thinks he should do his business off the second floor ledge of the cage, and let it drop inside, outside and wherever.

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