Love Hate Relationship: Reviews

I have this Love-Hate relationship with reviews. On the one hand, when the reviewer likes my book, I'm ecstatic. When they don't like it, I don't want to know. All stories have a positive aspect about them, so why does anyone need to be negative? Who does a negative reviewer influence? I'm not influenced by negative reviews. If anything, I want to read the book more, just to form my own opinion. The same goes for anything, for me. Movies, restaurants, vacation spots. I have a "need to see for myself" personality. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes--their own style and taste. When I get a good review, I feel as if everyone in the world has read  and liked my book. When I get a bad review I console myself with one fact--It Was Just ONE person's opinion.

You probably thought this was all started because of a bad review...but on the contrary, this post is all about an excellent review for A Wicked Wolf.

A Wicked Wolf

ISBN: 9781603105590

Available from Red Sage Publishing

Readers , when you go down to the woods today, be careful not to get your car stuck unless you would love to meet a Werewolf , though if the wolf is anything like lead Character Nick Wolfe, then I wouldn't mind meeting him - a hot Alpha Male Wolf oozing with hot, yummy sex appeal.

Read the Rest of the Review at The Phantom Paragrapher

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