Social Media

Whose popular these days? Twitter? Facebook? Goodreads?

Staying in the loop of society's hip, cool, what's happening-now forums isn't easy unless you're online 24/7.

I remember a day when yahoo groups was the place to be. Hundreds would join to promote and talk, to party and joke.

Then MySpace turned into a frenzy of who could gather the most friends, acquaintences, friends of friends, friends of acquaintences, passerbys and finally take any stranger that asked.

Facebook on the other hand wasn't supposed to be that way, and maybe for some it isn't. But for the professional that has a vested interest in cyberspace, we're still seeking to hook-up with anyone and everyone who'll "Like Us". Now while no one wants to feel left out and seem unpopular, the point of "Liking" someone was supposed to be a way to find out how many real fans we had.

Twitter had a good concept. Tweet a little something about your life. Yet, it's hard to find anyone that says something unique and yes, I'm guilty as well of sharing links and retweeking someone elses news.

So where's your obsession lay? I've yet to make good use of or check out some of these other places:

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