Should an Author Rate their Own Book?

There is a mixed thought process on rating your own book. Some say it's to manipulate the rating system in your favor. Not sure how, when you are only casting one vote just like everyone else. Out of a hundred other ratings, your one will be such a small part of the process.

Sure, they'll say you're bias. Of course you think your book is a five star read. But doesn't your opinion count? Who better to praise your work, than yourself? Self-promotion is the way of the business world.

As a reader, I already assume the author has voted favorably for their story. If I can tell, such as on Goodreads and Amazon, then good for them if they do. If they don't, my mind shoots immediately to, what's wrong with the story?

Personally, I find the rating of books not helpful in making my reading selection. I like to form my own opinion and if an author can convince me in their blurb that the story might be worth my time, then I'll read the book. It doesn't matter if the book was rated a one. I don't care that a reviewer thought the plot weak or the characters shallow. Sometimes those flaws are exactly what a story needs to make it stand out from the crowd.

Some all-time popular books have seen bad reviews and rated poorly...The DiVinci Code, Wuthering Heights, Lord of the Rings, and even Harry Potter.

Ratings are simply an opinion, and my rating is just that, my opinion :-)

As a reader, are you open-minded enough to form your own opinion or do you let star ratings (the opinions of others) dictate your likes and dislikes?

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