Can You Promote Your Book Too Much?

Apparently you can. At least when it comes to some readers. I happened upon a post thread on an obscure forum where a disscussion took place about spam. We all know what that is -- unwanted, annoying email. As I scanned the page, one word captured my attention- WRITER.

I found myself reading more of the thread and discovered there are readers that don't appreciate constant updates from writers, and they go as far as to say the spam from some writer's has totally turned them off from wanting to read those writer's books.

Key points they were against:

     1. Getting numerous emails from an author just because they are in the author's address book.
         So authors, if you are guilty of sending emails to every person you've ever had contact with, you may be losing readers.

      2. Signed up to Newsletters without permission.
          Authors, make sure you don't add anyone's email address to your newsletter list that hasn't asked. Double opt-in is the best way to go with through email services. Otherwise, if you're doing the adding, be sure to send them an email, reminding them why they are being signed up, ie contest entry, book giveaway, etc.

      3. Repeated posts on the same topic.
          In other words, don't keep posting the same excerpts and the same news on the same group more than once a week, or every week for months. Readers find that boring, annoying and time comsuming.


  1. Oh, how I agree - especially with the third point. I'd also add that Facebook and Twitter are for interacting with others, not just for advertising (over and over again!) or, worse still, pleading 'Please buy my book.'

  2. That's true, Paula. Especially in the messaging area. I think personal messaging someone to buy their book is the most annoying. Likening them to telemarketers calling your phone. When I check messages, I don't expect to be asailed with check me out, join me, buy me. As it is, I get enough unwanted emails from strange people telling me how beautiful my eyes are and how they'd like to make love to me and how the sun doesn't come up until they've seen my face. Though, I have to admit, at least they are talking all about me, instead of themselves. :-D