Popularity "Writers" Contests

Every year it seems that there are more and more popularity style writing contests, and not the kind where thousands and thousands of people write in your name. The contests I'm talking about are for writer's to enter with the best book cover, the best romance couple, the best plot, and so on.

Now while I can see a cover being voted on, shouldn't a book be read by the voter to determine if the plot or the couple are any good? Just once I'd like to see an author say, hey, I'm in this contest and if you've read my book and liked it, maybe you could vote for me.

Sure, I've been guilty in the past of a little self-serving tooting of my own accomplishments where contests go, but I usually stick to my personal outlets like my yahoo group, twitter, facebook, my blog.
I guess I just can't get up the courage to say on public forums, hey folks, I entered my book in a contest and please, please, please do me a favor and vote for mine internally thinking, so I don't look like a total loser. Take no offense if you do this. I applaud your gumption)

By the way, the worse of the contests are the ones that I have to enter my own book and beg friends for their vote. So, not cool. I think from now on I'll just let some fan enter me. I don't expect I'll win anything anytime soon. Actully, I don't have too many hopes of anyone entering me :-(

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