I've watched Tangled at least a hundred times (no kidding), thanks to my four year old nephew who hangs at my house weekdays while his parent's work. Every so often, I find myself fascinated by how an animated character can have the same sex appeal as a man. Zachary Levi brings that attractive, endearing quality to Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider in Tangled. His voice transports me into the fantasy and what's more, he is equally matched by Mandy Moore breathing life into Rapunzel. Disney couldn't have found two better people to bring magic to this movie. If you haven't seen Tangled, then you're missing a truly wonderful romance. Just keep tissues on hand when they realize they're in love. I cry every time I watch and hear them sing I See the Light.

Oh, and by the way, Zachary and Mandy are as beautiful to look at as their Characters. if ever there were to be a sequel to a movie, then it should have been this one.

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