VENTING Online, Anywhere, Anytime..... NO WAY!

What is venting?

When someone whines, complains or rants about their feelings.

I've been around for awhile in the Internet world. I've seen flaming word wars, hurtful commentary and venting.

None of it is helpful for the poster's reputation -- none! For writer's it can be detrimental to their career.

What you complain about can turn away potential friends, book buyers, editors, and publishers. Maybe they have their own problems and see yours as trite. Maybe they're not sympathetic to your gripe. Maybe a potential co-worker will remember.

Example 1: You complain about an editor. Someone in the group you are venting to is best-friends with that editor. Your editor mysteriously drops you.

Example 2: You complain about a publisher's policy on a publisher's list. The publisher reads and views you as a complainer. Your book contract isn't renewed.

Example 3: You whine about your book sales. The publisher is brought aware that maybe you're not a good investment.

You don't think people take that much notice, but they do. And the more often you vent, the more you will be remembered, and not in a good way.

When is it good to vent? Always. While venting to friends and family can relieve stress, it's not your best choice to do so online. Sure, you have friends and colleagues that will understand and sympathize, and know exactly what you mean, because they've been in the same position. But if your venting isn't one-on-one with someone, such as in an instant message or an email, then you've opened yourself up to getting a bad reputation?

Think about what you're ranting about on a google or yahoo group, a Facebook or a MySpace page, or tweeting to friends on twitter? Is it something that can ding your career?

Not everyone is interested in your diatribe. And while you feel your little clique of people in a chat group, a blog, network or website will be on your side, what are they really thinking about you?

Fragments of posts can be found in search engines, even on the best closed networks out there. Think before you vent your frustrations, and if you feel that need to share, make sure you leave out your angry emotions. Stating facts can help make you sound like the professional that people want to know.

The NEW YEAR for a new you is here!

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