Giving Up ALL My Writer Clubs...Should I?

I belong to many romance writer groups / author clubs / chapter, etc. I understand the need to have participants--someone to be president, someone to handle the money, the newsletter, the website, etc. But I'm not one of those people. I have a busy, demanding life that doesn't allow me the time to participate, except for on some non timeconsuming level. I'm the silent member that pays her dues and utilizes very little of what these "clubs" offer.
So, the question is, "Should I be a member?"
In my mind, I would think they'd be all right with the monetary support I give. I know there are a lot more like me out there, just because of the emails pleading with members to run for office, vote, take a poll, judge a contest, etc. Yet, every time there are troubles in the volunteering department, I get their form letters, like all members do, that make it sound as if I'm not going to do anything, then I should pack my bags.
It leaves me to wonder, should I just walk away? It sure would cut down on all the emails I receive.

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