Romance in France

Paris is probably the widely thought city for love and romance. The architecture, the history, the passion, the friendliness of the people…seriously, I never had a bit of problem with the French. Of course, I always said I was Canadian and they love Canada, so maybe I’m a bit off on that point.

I’ve been to Paris three times and lived there for four months in 2004, so I think I have a fair bit of opinion on why I think Paris should be the second famous city for love and romance. What, may you ask is the first? I would have to say Giverny, France. Some might recognize the name immediately as the home of Claude Monet. And while this little trip happened eight years ago, and I’m sure the area has been modernized now, in 2004 it was the perfect little sidetrip for my boyfriend and myself.

I recommend taking the trip to Giverny in Spring, because the train trip from Paris is on one of those trains that still has vinyl on the seat. In spring, it won’t be so hot for your thigh skin to melt into it, saving you a little discomfort. When you get to Vernon, you will realize that Giverny is about three miles away, and to preserve the historical importance of Monet’s house, you will be told the best way to get there is bike riding.

Let me assure you, even if your ass is not prepared for a three mile bike ride, the countryside is mainly level and there is a marked path to follow. Just as soon as you get through the city of Vernon, that is. Once you get to the house and fall in love with the flowers (again, Springtime is best for optimal enjoyment of the flower gardens and numerous bees), you notice that there is a parking lot full of cars and you start to wonder where the hell did they come from.

The bridge of the lily pond is breathtaking. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the most romantic place on earth to stand on, hold the hand of your loved one, and blink like crazy as about a hundred pictures are all snapped at once because you two make such a lovely picture.

As you walk through the house and take the tour, you will slowly come to realize that at the end of the day you now have to bike ride the three miles back. If you fail to make the last train back to Paris, you’ll have to find a room somewhere, so I hope you can speak French. And also, by the end of the day, you’ll discover most of the restaurants are closed, so McDonalds it is.

…who really had a lovely time Giverny!!

Black Leather Pants
by Beth D. Carter

ISBN: 1606015362
Available from BookStrand

Small town girl Penny Varlet has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love of art. Her boss, Kiley Laurent, is a sinfully sensual man who finds his way into her erotic dreams. One night, while working late, they act on their impulse and share a moment of raw passion.

Circumstances continue to throw them together, until one night, while working late, Penny is attacked by an intruder and hurt. Kiley whisks her away to Paris to heal, showing her a world of art and wonder. As she heals, can Penny put the anger over her attack to rest and find the courage to act on her love for Kiley?


Glad she had someone she could understand and communicate with, Penny smiled widely at Kiley’s sister. "Hello, Antoinette."

The tall blonde hugged her. "How are you?" she asked softly.

"Better, I think."

Antoinette looked down at her somberly. "I wanted to stay and help, but

Kiley told me he planned to come home." She shook her head.

"Unbelievable, oui?"

Penny nodded. "The whole situation, especially with Jed behind it."

The blonde waved her hand in the air. "Oui. But I meant Kiley."

Penny cocked her head to one side. "Papillon?"

She fell quiet for a moment as she swung her gaze to her brother. "No," she replied quietly. "I've never seen him so shaken, because of you, not his art." She smiled and looked back down at Penny. "I've been bringing my friends to him for years hoping he'd find interest in one of them, but I see he's found his own love."

The heat hit Penny's cheeks. "Oh...that is...I wouldn't put words in his mouth," she stammered.

Antoinette raised a brow. "His mouth? Not yours?"

Penny looked away and chugged her drink.

"I stood on the balcony, Penny, and I assure you, I've never seen my brother so intense. We French know three things: wine, cheese and love.

Really, it's written into law somewhere."


Beth Carter


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    1. You're welcome. I love reading about new places :-)

  2. I would LOVE to go to Paris! Such a lovely and historic country! LOVE the sound of your new book and am intrigued by the excerpt. Thanks so much for being here today and giving us a glimpse of your book.

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