What’s in a Name?

I clicked my way over to All Romance eBooks a few days ago, selected “author” and typed in “KC”. Time was that’s all I had to do to get to my book page because I was the only “KC” there. Now there are ten KC’s listed. I do so love feeling like a trendsetter, even if I’m not.

Romance writers are obsessed with names. It starts when we have to choose whether to write under our ‘real’ name or use a pseudonym. Then comes choosing names for our characters. The favorites are overused, and the more unique open us to ridicule. The phone book is a gold mine of names - close your eyes and point your finger. Just remember to pick several and mix and match so you don’t get an email from someone you forgot you knew wondering how you happened to use their name.

I gravitate toward mixing an unusual name with a “regular” name. In A Cat Named Hercules, I mixed Shiloh, which means “peace” in Hebrew, with Galen. In Taming Triton, it was Austin and Steve. Only later did it occur to me I’d used the names of two brothers I knew during my school days.

Naming characters is a lot of fun, and quite frequently I open a book and read the main character’s name and I wonder why I never thought of that?

On another note - April 1 kicks off the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2012. I met the challenge last year - twenty-six blogs in thirty days, one for each letter of the alphabet. I’ve had a year to prepare for the 2012 Challenge. I’m ready. Check it out at my blog, Between the Keys, every day in April. We start on Sunday, April 1, then skip the other four Sundays in the month to end up with Z on April 30.

I’ll close the month with a promo from my latest release, Eye of the Beholder. See you here at An Eclectic Author in May. Enjoy!

Eye of the Beholder
by KC Kendricks


Some neighbors share more than others...

Andy Madison is city born and bred. Filling in for a friend at a coffee shop, Andy meets Ben Hardin and sparks fly. They spend a long, lazy Sunday afternoon together to get to know each other, and when they decide to let nature take its course, they go to Ben’s cozy apartment.

Ben’s taking his time becoming acclimated to his new life in the big city. He’s got a great job he loves, he’s making new friends, and his starter apartment has the most incredible views a young man could dream of. Ben’s discovered there’s more to admire than the arts, music and architecture. All he has to do is look out his window and across the narrow alley.

Andy thinks he’s seen it all living in the Big Apple, but what he spies through Ben’s window is something that can only be enjoyed by the eye of the beholder...


I'd chosen to sleep on the side of the bed beside the one and only window in the apartment. It might have made a different decision if the window faced east, but it didn't. I peered out through the streaky glass at the glow of the city lights and wondered if I'd someday make enough money to have a real view. The surprising, and scary, answer to that musing was I actually might. My employer recognized my talent.

I was just about to tuck my toes under the sheet when for no real reason a movement on the other side of the narrow alley drew my attention. I yawned as the lights in the apartment across the way and down a story went out. The lower half of the window rose about six to eight inches and a pair of male hands set a block to keep it from falling closed. The hands, now unseen, pushed the sheer curtains apart to allow what little breeze stirred this night entrance to his room. Naked, he flopped down on his bed, his back arched as he stretched his arms over his head.

Why I didn't crawl between the sheets and go to sleep will forever remain a mystery. I never aspired to be a peeping Tommy. I might watch a little gay porn now and again, but what poor deprived country boy hadn't resorted to the joys of the Internet to get by until they could find a real man? That didn't make me a pervert. Unlike a few of the tricks I'd had since arriving in lower Manhattan, I didn't even like to have sex in public places. But in the blink of an eye I became a voyeur.

KC Kendricks

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