HCG Diet

If you know me, then you know I'm a dieter. I pride myself in saying I'll try anything to loose weight... Well almost anything. But lets stick to the basics.

If someone comes up with a gimmick I can follow or an over-the-counter medication I can take, I'm there. Yes, I know, the real truth behind success is will power. Let me say, I have none when it comes to food. I'm far from being a picky eater and I love my starches and sweets. So, what's a fat girl to do?

At some point I decided if I couldn't lose the pounds, then I needed to keep myself in check. There starts my escalade through the maze of diet schemes. I'd lose some weight, keep it off for a while, but it would come back (yo-yo effect). However, this does keep me from continuously growing. I'm not looking to be on The Biggest Loser.

My new try is taking the off-the-shelf drug, HCG. A relative pointed it out, saying he knew a guy at work that lost a good bit of weight using it. Naturally, my interest was piqued. I backed up my shopping cart and began reading the box, the pamphlet inside and the side of the bottle (it's liquid drops).

Without much hesitation, believing the spiel on the label, we each purchased the HCG. Our futher conversations about dieting on basically about 500 calories a day led us to needing a support system, so we got other family members in on the plan. I'm a pretty good cook, handy with minimal ingredients, so I was designated the meal planner.

Now everyday, I plan out our 2 skimpy rations of meat, veggies and fruit. It's early in the game, but I've already dropped a couple pounds. However, we're all anxious to see if we shed the average of 1-2 pounds a day over a 40 day timeframe.
I'll keep you updated.


  1. Day 6 - lost 9 lbs...yay!
    I dread the plateau. It has to be coming soon.

  2. I tried.. have u had ne mood swings??