My HCG Diet Update

We've all heard of the plateaus...well, though of us that perpetually diet and study up on every angle of the game do. I hit mine. It's day 28 and I've only shed 2 pounds this week. Ack! I'm hoping this is just a phase, becuase I was really liking the pound a day thing. Total loss in the 27 days is 18 lbs (I weigh in the morning so I don't count today yet).

Today I experimented with a healthy snack.
I searched the internet for ideas and making veggie chips gave me an idea to make tomato ones. This was a process I would have liked to do on a cooler day as the oven on made my kitchen too hot (especially since it's in the mid 80's, and yes, I'm in the south USA where the weather changes with the wind).

Tomato Chips

1 - 14ounce can crushed tomatoes
2 Tablespoons pizza seasoning

Combine the 2. Then in a nonstick flat bottomed pan (I used a flat roasting pan) pour puree and  spread thin.
In a 200 degree(F) oven, bake for about 2 hours or until all dried and crisp. Let cool. Break into pieces and enjoy.

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