School Days...Ending...Starting...Anticipation, by Brenda Williamson

It seems forever ago that I was in school. But when I give it thought, I remember the days I couldn't wait for them to be over. Though, I do recall the summers sometimes dragging along slow enough that I would develope a case of boredom and anticipate the new school year to start.

Then came the years my son went to school. I was back to the same wishes. I couldn't wait for the school year to end so I'd have more time with him, but come end of summer, I was anticipating the new year to begin, because honestly, I couldn't get a lick of writing done with him around.

He's still not totally out of school, as he takes college courses through an online University, but he's not home a lot either as he has a full time job as well.

You'd think that would leave me thinking less of school, however...

My brother and sister-in-law work full time. And since I work from home, I volunteered to be the sitter for their son. He's four, going on five, sometimes has the intelligence of a genius and most certainly the energy of a wild monkey. So, of course I've been thinking about him starting kindergarten this year.

While this semester is ending for the local students and their anticipating their summer vacation...the swimming, the traveling and the leisurely endless hours of video game playing and television watching. I'm looking further along.

I'm checking the calendar everyday, anticipating the start of the new school year.
While it 105 more days until my freedom, I know a week after that I'll start missing having him around an be anticipating the arrival of holidays.

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