A Witch be Who?, by Jessica Frost

“Double, double, toil and trouble...”
When you hear these five words, the three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth come to mind. Three ugly old hags with warts, green skin, cackling laughter, a cauldron and a wooden ladle churning the thick ooze brewing as acrid fumes escape and rise through the air.
This has become the stereotypical witch, the one little kids dress up as for Halloween or draw in Art class in school. But just like all folkloric creatures, they are make-believe. Monsters we created to wreck fear in children and entertain us on dark, scary, rainy nights.
The difference between other make-believe creatures like werewolves and trolls is that witches did and still do exist. They aren’t those ugly scary creatures with warts and straw hair that fly on brooms in front of crescent moons. They are human beings like you or I.
Wiccans or witches have existed for centuries. Initially they were seen as Satan worshippers and then as both good and evil beings. Two sides to witchcraft emerged, one that followed the line of Satanism, and the other that followed the line of healing, curing, etc.
The history of Wiccans is long and complicated and so mysterious. It is this mystery that drew us to it in the past and draws us to it in the present and most probably in the future. As time passes and we evolve, so will wiccans or witches. They will grow and evolve with our changing world’s needs. They will probably remain an obscure minority like their ancestors before them. But one thing is for sure, their legend will never die, and they will probably always remain completely misunderstood.
In my series “Spells ofSeduction” I wanted to pay homage to the mystical misunderstood witch we learned about at a young age and who is a figment of our imaginations. I wanted to give the witch a new life and a new world, one where witches, wizards and sorcerers walk amongst regular town folks. But I didn’t use the stereotypical witch of our youth. Rather I created a new breed, one that I conjured from my mind’s eye and that the muse made blossom. The witches in my erotic romance series “Spells of Seduction” are sorcerers, demons, shape shifters, vampires, werewolves, and so many other things.
But one thing I did keep constant with the witches of our youth is that the witches in my series are still completely misunderstood.
I hope you’ll take the journey in this new hot erotic fantasy realm along with me to uncover many mysteries, despicable and formidable villains, and sexy and passionate heroes and heroines. J
All the best,

Spells of Seduction 2

Available from Siren Publishing

All Velona Poe wants is redemption. But after she tells the man she loves who she really is, she finds herself about to be beheaded. Just before the axe falls, she's teleported to a tower. She fears her enemy Serona brought her here, and stripped her of her powers to kill her. She waits in terror for her arrival.
Merlin Wyllt and his twin, Jacob, are the ones who cast the spell bringing Velona there, thinking she's the evil sorceress Pondora. When they see the beauty and her fear and vulnerability, they quickly fall for her, realizing they're sexually bonded to her and her to them, a pleasing side effect of the spell. Unfortunately, they also opened a portal. Serona has seen Velona and is coming to kill her.
Hoping to fix the wrong they did, the three set out for Stonehenge to cast a spell reversing all of Pondora's curses and destroying Serona. The problem is Velona isn't Pondora, but she cannot tell them this. As their sexual passion and love grow stronger, the more complicated their plans get.
Will they succeed or put themselves and others in mortal danger?

They had run out of water hours ago, so when they heard the sounds of water flowing, they followed the noise, hoping a river lay nearby.
Pondora was the first to spot it. She ran into the woods to her left. The moment Merlin saw her darting, he sprinted after her, fearing she would try to escape them. Jacob followed not far behind his brother. Merlin heard his heavy footsteps on the cracking branches and leaves.
“Water. I need water.” Pondora fell to her knees, scooped up water by the riverside, and drank it. It dripped down her hands and chin. From the merry look in her eyes, she was enjoying its quenching and refreshing effects.
Jacob fell to his knees as well, drinking handfuls of water while Merlin scoped the area.
This is good.
The trees would give them coverage if the sorceress was spying with an enchanted eagle from the sky. An eagle was the most popular bird sorcerers used to seek out and spy on their victims. Being by the riverside was perfect as well. If the enchantress did come, they could hide underwater in the river.
“This looks like a good place to rest for the night.” He threw his heavy load onto the ground.
Pondora looked around. “There is no place that is completely safe, but this will offer us coverage if we need it.”
“I’ll go get us some dry wood for a fire.” Jacob stood up and rubbed his back. His tunic was wet.
“Good idea.” Merlin took his place at the riverbank. The cold water he gulped as he dipped his face into the river instantly cooled and soothed his parched throat.
They had been walking for many hours. Their voyage would still last them another half day. Merlin calculated they’d arrive at Stonehenge a few hours before the eclipse. He wondered if they’d make it there before the sorceress paid them a visit. He prayed they would because they had no line of defense if she attacked before they were ready for her.
He feared what he would have to do if she did attack them before then. Giving Pondora back her powers would be like going into the lion’s lair after making the animal starve for days. It would be suicide. But she would be their best defense against the evil sorceress.
Pondora looked at him and said as if she had read his thoughts, “Your only choice is to give me back my powers.”
He lifted his brow. “Why? So you could kill us afterward?”
“Do you really think I would do that to you?” Her expression conveyed hurt.
Merlin wanted to believe in her. He prayed that what he wished would be true. After what they shared in the tower, she had found a place in his heart he could not erase no matter how he tried. Just looking into her blue, bewitching eyes now took all the willpower he had. He desperately wanted to lean forward and pull her into a kiss. But he couldn’t let his guard down. She was a very cunning woman who knew how to pull on his strings of emotions to get what she wanted.
Steeling his feelings and his heart, he replied, “After all the horrible things you’ve committed throughout the years, how can I not?”
Her gaze dropped to her folded hands at her waist for a second before she returned her eyes to him. “Do you believe a person can change, Merlin?”
“Yes, to a certain extent. But one cannot go from pure evil to good overnight. You are asking me to believe you did this, but you were still terrorizing people not more than a month ago.”
She opened her mouth to say something but instead took a deep breath. She looked to the river. “It’s no use. Your mind is set, and no matter what I say, I will never make you see differently.”
She stood and began to walk along the side of the riverbank.
Merlin jumped to his feet. “Where are you going?”
She pointed to the area a few yards away where a huge boulder was resting in the water. “I’m filthy and would like to clean myself. I’m going there so I may bathe in privacy.”
He waggled his finger at her. “I did not give you permission to do so.”
Rolling her eyes, she asked, “May I go there to bathe?”
He crossed his arms and had an incredible urge to smile when he next spoke, but tried to contain his amusement as best he could. “You may bathe, but here, in front of me.”
Jacob came back then with an armful of kindle. Dropping it to the ground, he added, “Actually, it is best we bathe all together so that if the sorceress strikes, we will be checking each other’s backs, so to speak.”
Merlin noted Jacob’s wide smile and reciprocated it. “Now that is a marvelous idea, Jacob.” He began to remove his tight brown tunic and loose tights while he gave Pondora a daring stare. “Well?”
Her eyes widened as she ogled his bare chest. She did the same to Jacob. Her gaze followed them as they slid off the rest of their clothing. Stark naked, they stood there waiting for her to do the same.
“Well?” Merlin repeated with a lifted brow, daring her.


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