Appreciating Anticipation - Deuce of Diamonds by KC Kendricks

Here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, we’ve experienced a long, cool spring very reminiscent of the typical season when I was a girl. Back in those days I used to watch the mercury rise, eager for it to hit my mother’s decreed magic number of 65F so I could put on a pair of cut off jeans with a decent fringe. I mean, everyone had to have fringe!

I’m not so eager for warm weather this year. I suppose I’ve lived long enough to know this spring will come only once and I should enjoy every day of it regardless of the air temperature and what I chose to wear. The trade-off from anticipation to appreciation is one I willingly accept.

There are myriad other things to anticipate aside from the coming summer heat. Finishing the current work-in-progress, a story I’ve long wanted to write, tops the list, and the possibility of selecting additional publishers to give my work my more exposure is a close second.

And then there is my annual May vacation, which began yesterday. I always take the week following Memorial Day off. The days go by so quickly I’m not sure I am able to fully appreciate them. What I do appreciate are those we remember and honor at this time for their service, for the gift of freedom they secured and whom others continue to protect.

I think I’m aware, on some level, of this gift of freedom every time I sit down to write. That we in this country are given the opportunity to learn to write, and read, is something to appreciate. I write with anticipation to see how the story unfolds, where the characters may lead me, and I read the work of others with appreciation of their gifts and talents in creating the tale. Of the two, I think appreciation to be far greater.

Now for the promo part of today’s blog, here’s a bit about my latest release, Deuce of Diamonds, which is the sequel to Double Deuce. Thanks for stopping by An Eclectic Author.

KC Kendricks

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Deuce of Diamonds
by KC Kendricks

(sequel to Double Deuce)

available at Amber Allure

Private investigator Ian Coulter has a knack for finding trouble even when he’s minding his own business. Ian’s in the midst of a routine weekly job for movie star client Saylor Blackwood when the man confides he thinks he has a fan turned stalker. Ian stays close to Saylor to observe the people around him and gets an unwelcome shock when FBI agent Rick Mohr contacts him.

Rick Mohr has a problem. Ian’s name just popped up on an FBI watch list. Rick knows it’s guilt by association where Ian is concerned, but what about Blackwood? Rick won’t allow Ian to get dragged into the mix when he’s not involved. For Ian he’ll break whatever confidentiality rule necessary. 

It doesn’t take long for Ian and Rick to join forces to clear Ian’s name and get to the bottom of out what’s going on in Amethyst Cove, because on or off the case, together is how they work best.


“I think you need to explain that to me, Rick.”

“I can’t, Ian. I logged on to run a weekly update. I…I have your name on a private watch so I can, um, sort of see if anything exciting happens in your world. So when it popped, I backtracked it. I don’t have details yet.”

“Local law enforcement personnel get a mention anywhere? If Foxy or Bunson got my name added, I need to know.”

“I thought of that and checked. No mention of them. Listen, Ian, I’m not in a position to have any right to judge you for anything you do, but be careful with Blackwood.”

“Damn, I wish…Rick, I had a really hinkey feeling last night. Like something was off kilter and I can’t bring it into focus. I can’t say it’s Saylor himself, but something is bugging me and I need to figure it out.”

This time Rick’s silence didn’t disturb me because I knew he was thinking. He sighed audibly. “I don’t like the sound of that. Your instincts are really good.”

“Thanks for the compliment, but I’d appreciate ideas more.”

He laughed softly. “You are an action kind of guy. Seriously, give me a day or two to dig around, and I’ll get back to you.”

“Don’t do anything stupid, Rick. I can back away from Blackwood, no harm, no foul, and he won’t know why. I can tell him we stepped over the line last night, so I can no longer have him as a client.”


The quiet pain in his voice brought me up short. Did he regret his choices? I refused to say anything that would sway him one way or the other.

“I’ll be careful, Rick. I promise. Since you’ve given me a tidbit of intel, I need to go check a few things on my end. Thanks for letting me know. You didn’t have to.”

“Yes, I did. I don’t want you caught up in whatever he may be doing, if he’s doing. Now I can tell the task force looking at him you’re not involved.”

“Thanks for having my back, man.”

“I’ll always have your back. I’ll call you soon.”

“Okay. Later.”


I disconnected before he could say more and the three thousand miles between us became an impenetrable wall of silence again. It hurt. I took a few deep breaths to ease the ache in my chest, but it didn’t work. It never did


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