Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas!, by KC Kendricks

We hear it every day. Someone says something about how difficult it is to believe the holiday season is upon us. Heck, I’m saying it although it’s not a truism for me. I don’t have any difficulty believing this calendar year is almost done because I’ve crammed a lot of activity into 2013. The holidays seem like a break to me, but maybe it’s because I saved a lot of vacation days for December.


December is a “launch” month for me. It’s a time of evaluating where my writing has taken me and for planning for the year ahead. It’s time to be realistic about what’s left undone, too. I don’t know about other writers, but I rarely complete every project started in any given calendar year. The ideas come faster than I can get them on the page.


I have two projects near and dear to me that are front and center for 2014. The first is the next installment in the Sundown shapeshifter series, and the other is a new case for Ian Coulter, private investigator. After those are completed, I may be nice and be a team player for one of Amber Allure’s special PAX collections, I’ve decided to cut back on my participation in those. I do better when my deadlines are my own. But all that can wait until after the holidays.


The New Year will come and I need to be ready. We no longer have to sharpen our quills to write. What we tend is so much more important. We’re finally recognizing that our very best writing asset is ourselves. This holiday season is for me to rest and recharge. To enjoy family without the stress of a deadline lurking. This is a time to get back to basics, which will ultimately make me a better-equipped writer.


May you and yours have a happy and safe holiday season.


KC Kendricks





* * *

Coming in January - Finding Home


Who can resist men with secrets searching for answers? Finding Home brings together two tales of men who discover that finding a true home isn’t always about the roof over your head but the person beside you.


Previously available only in electronic format, these two stories of contemporary gay romance have now been combined for a paperback edition!  Included are the tales…




Calvin Lawson arrived in Clear River to rebuild bridges with his ailing father, not hook up with Emory Fleming, although being an honest man, he has to admit Emory’s on his mind. But first things first. He needs to find a restoration project to generate personal income. Gutted by an arsonist, the old Time Theatre is in dire need of his special skills. 


As an on-the-air journalist, Emory Fleming is making a name for himself and getting noticed. When Calvin Lawson rolls back into town, Emory’s stunned. The old pal he worked with at the Time kept a big secret - he’s gay. All the fantasies Emory had as a teenager about Calvin suddenly become real as he and Calvin reconnect.


Calvin’s planned restoration may not be a practical possibility. He has to secure a lot of funding to do the job properly, and money is tight everywhere. When Emory’s big break comes faster than anticipated, Calvin sees only one option - step aside so Emory will accept the job he’s always wanted. It doesn’t take for Emory long to figure out why Calvin walked out, and put in action a plan to win him back before the doors of time close between them permanently.




Victor Carter knows his grandfather only from a handful of black and white photographs, so his surprise when the man’s will is read is genuine. What’s he going to do with seventy acres on the side of a Kentucky mountain? More importantly, how’s he going to survive living there for a year to satisfy the conditions of the will so he can sell the property? Even worse, it’s not like the hills of Kentucky are teeming with gay companionship.


Boone Mosely is Kentucky born and bred with a proud family heritage he can trace back to his home state’s founding. Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Boone’s in his second term as sheriff of Four Points. He takes the job seriously and doesn’t suffer fools - or crime - in his town.

When city slicker Victor Carter arrives on Shepherd Mountain, Boone knows he’s got a whole new brand of trouble to deal with. And this time, the badge isn’t going to help him at all.

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