As I research the genre of steampunk, thinking I know most aspects of the Victorian-era spin on modern gadgetry, I find myself lost in the myriad of a punk explosion.

At one time, people used to know what steampunk was or was supposed to be. Yet, as with anything, steampunk has become as fluid as a writer needs to add uniqueness to a story.

As a voracious reader myself, I like category classification. So maybe sub-categorizing what once was all termed steampunk is a good thing. But should the incorporation of a new device bring about a new subgenre?
I’ve been known to mix up my themes, toss around a magic sword with a highlander, but do I rename it highlander-punk? I think not. Yet, that seems to be the new wave of punk categories.

Here’s some of the “Punk” styles I’ve heard about. Have you read any books that fit the style? Are there more?

Maybe I should go ahead and add a few of my own, or maybe I haven’t been the first to think up, vampirepunk or werewolfpunk.
And while I think up some more, I'm going to hunt up a site where I can get a pair of these awesome shoes.
~ Seductive in Any Era ~


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