Daily Pitfalls of THIS Writer

While I could produce a list of all things publishing related such as plotting, editing, publishers, royalties, and the list could go on... This about MY everyday pitfalls.

I like to think of myself as efficient, managing time well to get done what I need done. And for the most part I do accomplish my tasks as needed, when needed and on the timetable I schedule. However, I HAVE stumbling blocks.

Room in my house.
The minor of my pitfalls that take me from writing include meal making, vacuuming, laundry, dish washing, letting dogs out, letting dogs in and remodeling. My house has been under construction for 30+ years. That’s the downfall of being in the construction business and having my husband die before it’s all done. I’ll be lucky to finish it all before I too die. Still, I like doing the work even though it  draws me away from writing.

Then there is yard work. If I want a pretty yard, it’s all up to me. And I have a big yard. I have to mow it, weed it, (maybe not weed it as much as I should) and plant it...that includes a veggie garden, of which brings another chore of canning what I can’t devour in a short amount of time.
A tiny portion of my 5 acre yard and barn.
Then there is working at home. Everyone I know treats me as if I don’t work at all. They don’t believe that plotting a story takes time, or writing takes concentration. They don’t think they’re interrupting by coming over to chat or dragging me to the store. Okay, so they don’t actually have to drag me. I do like to shop. But really... I have only so many hours in a day and I need to get my edits done.

2 of my 8 tvs
I’m also a big television watcher. I have one (or two) in about every room in my house. The programming I’ll sit through may be bad, mediocre, good, or excellent. Everyone has their own opinion on what makes something worth watching. So, I’m for forming my own decision on what's good and what's not. Unfortunately, it’s a big distraction. I can’t very well watch the television and my computer monitor at the same time. Though I try.

Cookies at my computer.

Finally, my greatest pitfall is food. I love to cook. I love to eat. Therefore, I struggle with weight gain. My life has always been endless yo-yo dieting. But the worst struggle comes from sitting all day in front of my computer. I have a tendency to eat junk food. I nibble M&M’s, potato chips, peanut butter and bananas, cookies while reading what I’ve written. It’s a mindless act that many think they have a remedy for, but anyone that struggles with their weight, knows, this is can’t be fixed by anyone other than me. So here I am, thinking every other minute of the day, should I get up and do some walking, only to find I’ve walked myself to the kitchen.

So what pitfalls do you encounter in your day?


~ Seductive in Any Era ~


  1. I'm with you on the food! My other big distraction is the internet an social media, and I don't seem able to master the concept of JUST STOP. :-) Good post!

    1. The internet is not a pitfall...it's an ingrained part of me. All that other stuff gets in the way of me being on the internet. LOL