8 Effective Ways for Book Promotions to Reach Your Fans Worldwide, by Alla Gilbert

Have you completed writing a book and are now planning to promote it effectively? Book promotion is one of the most significant factors that helps you to put your innovative ideas and thoughts in front of the readers throughout the world. By promoting your book effectively, you can not only reach out to your numerous fans worldwide but also gain a greater number of fans for your work in the publishing world. Here are some effective techniques that can help you to promote your new book to a large number of readers worldwide.
1. Develop and print postcards: You can develop your own cards, which promotes your book title, on your computer system, if you have an application designed for the same. If not, you can search online for a good printing service that can help with the creation and printing of postcards that advertises your new book.
Click an image of your book and use it on the postcards and other promotional materials. Write a personalized note on the back of this card. Mail these cards to your friends, colleagues, librarians, and other people you know. Ensure that you personally hand out these postcards at popular book fairs, conferences, seminars, and rest of the networking events. Try to tell your fans and other readers about your book in one or two sentences.
2. Approach popular global book exhibitions: You should try to display your book in some popular global book fairs in 2014 such as BookExpo America 2014, Frankfurt book fair 2014, and many more. Research online to learn about date, venue, how to showcase your books and other aspects of these popular events and participate in these events to promote your new book. You can give a great exposure to your book by displaying it in these global events.
3. Create your list: It is always good to keep a record of all the people you meet, especially the media professionals, by collecting their business cards. Try to capture all the contact names that come your way. Add all the names, contacts, and others details of these people in your database. Remember to ask the professionals whether it's alright to add their names to your list.
4. Get your new book reviewed: Is your new book published? Did your book publisher get good reviews for your book? If not, then hurry up to get some since good book reviews greatly help in the book promotion. Talk to your publisher about this need and if your publisher agrees you can get good and impressive reviews for your book. Ask for your own copies of those reviews so that you can use them to promote your book by your means. You can use these reviews in your own promotional materials such as banners, advertisements, and even use them on your own website.
5. Promote your new book through popular magazines: Try to sell the serial rights to some popular magazines to promote your book effectively. In this way, you can give the magazines the right to print some selected portions of your new book in popular magazine. If you have a book publisher, they can help you to promote your new book through some well-known magazines since publishers own rights in this regard.
6. Set up a media campaign: Make a list of television channels and radio shows that can help you in promoting your book. Try to set up a broadcast media campaign to promote your new volume. Have a press release on your book ready to fax or mail. Approach producers of relevant television shows and your press release to them, if they ask for it. Don't mail them your release unless you have permission for the same or else they will throw it away. You can promote your work to a greater number of readers through the media.
7. Promote your work through your social circle: Spread the word about your volume through your friends, family, colleagues, business associates, clients, and many other people in your acquaintance. Send an email, about your new work, to your fans and friends. Keep your fans up-to-date about the happenings of your book. Narrate them your experiences when writing the book. Putting all this on your blog can prove very effective to increase the popularity of your new book among the readers.
8. Publicize your book through print media: Print media publicity campaign can prove instrumental in promoting your book to a greater number of people and your fans. Advertise your new book in the major newspapers. Always include the telephone number and the website where the readers can order your new book. Also, do not forget to advertise your book in some small local community papers that have several subscribers to market your book effective.
If you try to market your new book by using these eight effective ways, you are sure to advertise your book effectively and reach maximum readers and fans worldwide.

Alla Gilbert is an exclusive writer and skillfully writes on global book exhibitions, book promotion and on several topics related to authors, books and book fairs. She has 2 little kids and a publishing house to manage. Even though she is a homemaker, she efficiently handles her profession with equal spirit. She has full faith in Combined Book Exhibition services to do justice to the book promotion and Ebook marketing.She is much excited to attend upcoming book fairs 2014.

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