A Friendly Neighbor, by KC Kendricks

Do you watch television? Thanks to the so-called “reality” shows, we’ve all become to some degree voyeurs. It’s a curious thing to see how the rest of the world lives, although sometimes I think it would have been better to remain curious and not have a fact proven.

And our focus has expanded beyond the tv set. Our computer, tablets, iPads, laptops, smart phones, Kindles - all our gadgets can bring the curious to us via the wonder of the Internet and a wireless connection.

But what might happen if we put all the electronics away and simply looked out our window? What might we find? Maybe a better question is whom might we find? And what of interest might they be doing? And if you saw something, would you let them know?

I hope you’ll enjoy A Friendly Neighbor.

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Kyle isn’t typically a voyeur but when his sexy neighbor forgets to close his curtains, he finds it difficult to look away. And why should he? It’s just a little harmless fun and maybe an erotic bit of self-pleasure to balance out the long hours he’s put in on the job lately. Next time he’ll exercise some self-control and turn away from the too-hot for words spectacle, but just this once he’s determined to let himself enjoy the show.

Jackson might have been offended by his neighbor’s voyeuristic evening had Jackson not taken advantage of the delicious show he unwittingly inspired. Unwilling to let the opportunity to turn a smoldering fantasy into a scorching hot sex life, Jackson invites Kyle over for a drink and is pleasantly surprised to find Kyle is smart, sexy and someone Jackson wants to get to know—in bed and out.


Somewhere on earth there had to be a quiet place to sleep but unfortunately it wasn’t located anywhere near Kyle Remington’s apartment. He was stuck in quaint little Key’s Crossing, population ten thousand, in what was marketed as an upscale complex with a mere ninety-nine neighbors.

He rolled onto his belly and pulled a pillow over his head. The low, mournful sound invaded even his private blackness. He liked cats, really he did, but not at midnight. Never again would he rent in a complex that allowed cats, no matter how swanky the accommodations.

It was for the pure stylish luxury of the place Kyle had endured two years on a waiting list to live at the Keys Towers. A fourteen-hundred-square-foot loft-style apartment just five minutes away from a train station for only fourteen-hundred dollars a month and an option to purchase in two years was unheard of this close to New York City.

Add a newly renovated kitchen and he couldn’t turn it down even though he’d had reservations about the open floor plan. Who cared if it was actually in New Jersey? Now that he’d lived in the space, he loved it. Well, except for the noisy cat whose mournful meowing gave him weird-ass dreams about twelve kittens sitting in his bathtub singing Christmas carols and brought him out of what was once a sound sleep.

The yowling took on a desperate edge. Kyle rolled from the bed in one fluid motion and shoved the curtains aside. His heart stopped as he peered across the moonlit central courtyard. A tiger-striped cat sat on a ledge just off a fourth-story balcony. The beast turned its head and stared at him, its green eyes glowing fiercely in the moonlight.

His course was clear. He had to get to that poor creature and rescue it before it fell to its death. Kyle counted the number of windows in from the corner of the building. If the units in the east wing were on a par with the ones in the west wing, he needed to go up the “B” stairwell and knock on door number three.

His sleep-deprived brain regained clarity. Wait a minute. How’d that critter get out there in the first place? It had to have found an open a balcony door, or window, so it stood to reason it could perhaps get back inside the same way. Kyle took a closer look at the rows of windows in the opposite building and spotted sheer curtains blowing in the breeze. The cat must have exited there.

Who would be so irresponsible as to allow their pet to go out on that narrow ledge? The cat lifted a front paw, seemingly unconcerned about it precarious perch, and began to wash with a complete disregard for its position. Come tomorrow, he’d go knock on the door and explain to the owner just how bad an idea it was to allow the cat to do what cats do in an unsafe spot like the ledge.

He reached to pull his curtains closed, pausing as a movement inside the apartment across the way grabbed his attention. A light came on.

Holy shit.

Just because he’d never in his life had voyeuristic tendencies before didn’t mean he couldn’t have them now. Kyle backed into the shadows and sat on the foot of his bed to watch the young man across the courtyard disrobe.

The fellow was tall and slender, verging on too thin for Kyle’s personal preferences although, he decided, the angle and the moonlight did trick the eye. In the low lamplight it was impossible to determine if the guy’s hair was brown or dark blond as Kyle watched him skim out of his t-shirt and toss it aside. Arms over his head, he stretched for the ceiling and pushed his palms together. Even at a distance, Kyle discerned the gentle rises and dips of skin over the man’s ribs as he slowly lowered his arms and rolled his shoulders.

Kyle stared, transfixed by the smooth motions as the young man threw his head back and arched his spine. He couldn’t see if the guy had much hair on his torso, and maybe it was his own imagination that filled in dark discs where the man’s nipples should be, but in the moment he didn’t care. Kyle rubbed his chest and squeezed his own nipples. The familiar jolt of pleasure sped along nerve endings to the base of his cock.

He stopped. He wasn’t going to sit here and jerk off like some sexual deviant while that guy undressed.

Not. Gonna. Do. It.

Across the courtyard, a pair of jeans slid off slender hips and hung suspended, covering the other man’s genitals and kept the line where thigh met body hidden. Kyle drew a fingertip from his balls to his hip, caressing his own soft skin but in his imagination, he touched the mystery man. His dick swelled in a few pounding heartbeats.

Just this once. He’d jerk off watching him just once.

KC Kendricks

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