Online Book Stores: The Last Laugh or Here to Stay? by Kumarpappu

A survey by Frankfurt Book Fair stated that online book shop stores are one of the most significant developments happened for bookselling in the past 60 to 70 years. On the same line, a survey by Neilson also revealed that books are the largest selling product online. With the time, the smell of dusty shelves at library and musty real-life bookstores are replaced by the convenience and comfort of browsing them online. Some think of online book shop store as the way of future while some blame it of sabotaging physical bookstores. Some leave this entire concept of online books as just another teenager craze which will fade away eventually. So, no wonder if the trade pundits find themselves asking the same question and analyzing if the online bookstores will survive the test of time or die as soon as internet savvy junta find something else to hooked on?

One thing that is for sure that Internet is the backbone of this growing trend of order books online. With the increasing access of internet to households, inexpensive broadband / wireless plans and smartphones, Internet is dominating each and every aspect of our lives. Similarly, the phenomenon of ordering books through online book shop store too has influenced all age groups. Students browse these online portals to look course books, ladies and architect get down to the pleasures of navigation for books on interior design in India and so on. You can buy fashion books online and motivational books in Hindi and other regional languages too. The stock of online bookstores is varied and wide. People who cannot read are no longer spare from joy of reading. One can find audio books in regional and international languages too. If you are fond of reading books on-the-go, you can order e-books for kindle and iPhone. 

When you order books online, you are subjected to an experience which is highly customized and tailored to your need. Unlike brick and mortar book stores you do not have to wait or search through hordes of books to lay your hands on the one you need. And you do not have to find time or do some heavy time management from hectic schedule of yours to go there. Order books online at any hour you want and get it delivered at your doorstep. 

Book shop store are not just a place for getting books at discounted offers. Their advent has opened new avenues for budding writers and journalists. Gone are the days when aspiring writers had to wait to get a response from publishing houses. Now, they can easily contact these online booksellers and see their dreams come true. 

All in all, online book store shop has transformed the scenario of publishing as well as retail industries too. It is a place where readers and authors come together and evolve the way of learning without compromising on convenience, ease and comfort. For the price-sensitive consumer group such as students, homemakers and part-time workers and DIY enthusiasts, the online bookstores are indeed a boon and will definitely pave the way for generations to come.

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