Exploring Tuscany in August, by Johnsongold

August is the hottest month of the year, though summer begins in July in Tuscany. In the first half of the month, the climate is sizzling hot. But in the rest of the month, the climate seems like making a slow transition from dry sunny days to warm days again, giving its inhabitants and visitors the end of summer kind of feel.
Go off-the-beaten-track
If you are one of the travelers who enjoy going off-the-beaten paths and plan to arrive in Tuscany in the month of August, explore the dry countryside embellished with typical Italian summer hues and shades - bright yellow, brown, blue, and dark green. You can't expect much of green, not even in wineries, during this time of the year.
See farmers harvesting grapes
To your great fortune, some renowned wine estates starts with grape harvesting in the second half of this month; however, if the days are scorching hot, sometimes they need to wait till monsoon stars. Regardless if you are living in one of the Tuscany villas or a luxury hotel in the heart of a Tuscan city during your holiday, don't miss to witness grape harvesting with your naked eye.
Enjoy lying on the beach
August is the right month to explore the locals' most favorite pastime activity - soaking up the sun and lying on the beach. Beaches become more crowded on weekends, and you may need to pay a bit more to rent an umbrella or a chair from one of the bars alongside the beach. But, the views from there are worth paying for! If you are a lazy bum, you may hang by the pool and dine 'al fresco'. Here most of the bars and restaurants feature outdoor dining facility.
Debunking a myth - 'Everything will be closed in August'
Yes, it is true that August is the month when the country stops inviting more travelers for summer retreats. But this doesn't necessarily mean, as many people are led to think, that all restaurants and tourist attractions will be shut down. They will not!
In fact, August is a peak season for tourism related businesses. In this month, Tuscan cities are much quieter than usual as most of the locals rush to their second homes - beaches. The popular tourist destinations across the region are found bustling with visitors from all across the country and the world.
Mix and mingle with the locals
August in Tuscany typically have a rich calendar of festivals and music events. Many towns have their yearly Sagra in August. So, if you are in Tuscany in the month of August, you should definitely pay a visit to one of these towns and become a part of their festival celebration. One of the most interesting events that merit your visit is Festambiente, it is held in the Maremma area every year in the month of August.
See the 'Falling Stars'
Also known as the night of San Lorenzo, August 10th is a very special day here in Italy. It is the best time to see shooting stars. When you see one, keep quiet, make a wish and hope that it will come true! People in most of the Tuscan towns where wine-making is a tradition celebrates a wine festival called Calici di Stelle on 10th August every year.
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