A Conversation Between Writers ~ Bed Lures

I've been very bad - writing at work on my lunch break! But my story just crested 5K. That makes me happy.  I really need to work on that old story, too. Maybe I'll spell off on that tonight. Give my brain time to catch up. 
Still no word back on the short story. It's the one that was too short.
I really need a comprehensive list of what I need to do, but if I made one I'd probably get so discouraged I'd put myself to bed and stay there. ~ KC Kendricks


Keep on plugging along. You'll git'er done.

I'm currently downloading my website software into a different computer, since my other one won't display on the monitor. I think it may be the graphics card, but who knows when I'll get around to trying to fix it. Made one attempt this past week and the graphics card won't fit, it has to be a special one from Dell. ~ Brenda Williamson

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