Junk In My Yard

2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Saying I'm a writer is just one way I define myself. I'm also a seller, a decorator, a foodie, a cook and so much more. I didn't have to think long on what theme to use for this year's challenge. Spring is the start of gardening for me, so let's talk about what's In My Yard .


Does anyone besides me have junk in their yard. Seem as I always have a pile started somewhere. While I have a dumpster, there is always something that is torn down and the junk piles up.


~ Seductive in Any Era ~


  1. Your yard reminds me of my childhood. My dad would always be in the middle of done project and a pile of junk would always build up in the garden. Drove my mum crazy!

    TD Harvey
    A to Z participant

    1. It drives me crazy too :-) Since taking this photo, the pile has been moved, not in the dumpster, but closer to it. Thanks for coming by!