Statues In My Yard

2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Saying I'm a writer is just one way I define myself. I'm also a jewelry seller, a decorator, a foodie, a cook and so much more. I didn't have to think long on what theme to use for this year's challenge. Spring is the start of gardening for me, so let's talk about what's In My Yard .


I have several statues in my yard. My favorite I call pee-boy. Okay, so it's David of biblical fame. However, I think Pee-boy is a cuter moniker.

He's a naked fellow that has a prominent place in front of my house. As you will see, he has an electrical tape choker around his neck. While he doesn't need it anymore, it was used to stabilize the head when I had to glue it back on because my horse thought it was a scratching post. She knocked over the statue and pee-boy's head came off.

This year all my statues are getting a much needed fresh coat of paint.


~ Seductive in Any Era ~

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