A Conversation Between Writers - Furballs

We might actually see the sun today. I think I'll go dance naked in the backyard if we do. 
Heading into the home stretch on the one WIP. I might get that finished this weekend, too.  It’s really different not having to vacuum furballs every night. But I would gladly do it to have Jett back. Now I must go c-c-cook a dinner. ~ KC Kendricks


I haven't done any writing in weeks. I'm still devoting all my time to remodeling. You think a Lab sheds a lot, get a Pomeranian. His name is Baron Frankenstein (got him for Damien one Halloween six or seven years ago. The tumbleweed-like hair balls rolling around the house we call baby Barons. When I sweep them up there's enough hair to make another dog. ~ Brenda Williamson

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