10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Sell More Books in 2016 - PART 1, by Penny C. Sansevieri

1. Create a testimonial page on your website: if you don’t think this matters think again. Got reviews? Endorsements? Great blurbs? They should all go on there. Take a look at this page, this author has multiple books and great blurbs for all of them: http://www.thepublicistnovel.com/what-they-are-saying

2. Got Fans? Ask them to post their reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and/or Facebook. One of our authors did this and offered some character trading cards and a book-specific tote bag as a thank you. Not for a good review, just for a review. She got a ton of response. Fifty of her fans posted reviews – and that’s fifty more than she started with!

3. Invite guest bloggers on your blog! This is not only a great way to add some unique content to your site but a great networking tool as well.

4. Build your Super Fans: say thank you to readers with special incentives for being a fan – this could be the trading cards or the totes mentioned earlier. We get all of our totes on Zazzle and often for well under $7 with their coupons!

5. Host a contest and invite fans to post their favorite places to read – now it doesn’t have to be a picture of them reading your book, but invite them to share where they love reading. We did this for an author and created a fun Pinterest board that everyone pinned their pictures to. It was a huge hit and the winner got a gift card on Amazon – just $20 for a whole lotta fan love.

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