New Release: CAPTAIN SIN'S MERCY, by Brenda Williamson

Captain Sin's Mercy
by Brenda Williamson

Available from: Amazon

Lady Mercy James takes adventure to new heights when she sets out to prove to her bitter grandmother that a man can want her. However, her passionate, one night of indiscretion with a handsome sea captain, not only leaves her aching for love, but pregnant. And then sadly, the baby’s gone, and she has to find a way to deal with her grief.

Rogue English pirate, Captain Sin wants a woman to warm his bed, not his heart. Yet, after meeting Mercy, his emotions begin to melt the hardness of his resolve. While her beauty stimulates his lust, her generous spirit arouses long buried sentiments of love, which he had abandoned by returning to the sea until fate brings the lover’s together again.

Threatened by the return of his overwhelming fear of commitment, he denies himself the joy of the lady’s affections, and fails to appreciate how much he can miss a her, until he makes a grave error in judgment, by trading the love of his life for an island paradise.

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