New Release: CAPTURING THE COWBOY, by Sineth Killiri

Capturing the Cowboy
by Sineth Killiri

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Librarian, Braden Hollace wasn’t open about being gay in a small town, so whenever he saw the gorgeous cowboy across the street from the library, he refused to approach him and shatter his fantasy about the man. Instead, he put his focus on stopping the town council from banning gay literature. 

Rancher, Eric McCaffrey kept his sexual preferences to himself. He devoted his time to things he found important, and the impending ban wasn’t on his list and he told that very thing to the librarian that called him to protest.

When Braden and Eric hookup at a nightclub in the city, they never imagined their night of passionate sex could turn into an affair of the heart.


Braden Hollace peered between the shutter slants on the conventional colonial wood window. He watched the cowboy across the street. New in town, coming from the city, he’d seen lots of men in western attire. 
It was Texas after all. Yet, he was from the city where everyone exaggerated their ensemble by classying up every item they wore. If they had boots, they were snakeskin. If they wore a hat, it was an expensive, high grade felt with a satin lining. Shirts had real pearl buttons, and pants were from European designers. Something about this man’s outfit wasn’t just a fashion statement. He had that real, down to earth, outdoorsy aura about him.

For months, while working in the town library, Braden had seen the tall, ruggedly handsome fellow at least two or three times a week. His very athletic build forced his clothes to follow every contour as if tailored for him. But they had that look of practicality. It drew his gaze to the littlest details. From the leather boots and the tight fitting jeans, right up to the black, wide brimmed hat on his head. The magnetic sight of maleness mesmerized him. Every day he felt helplessly trapped by his cowboy obsession.

Where did he come from? Why was he always in town? What was his name? Braden had a load of questions, but none he felt like asking anyone. He learned the first day not to divulge too much about himself when he overheard a group of men talking crudely about homosexuals. He had yet to figure out why he had left the big library in Houston to run a small town one. Why put himself in plain sight of people that had nothing better to do than know everything they could about their neighbors. City people minded their own business.

As the cowboy walked farther away, Braden moved to another window. He squeezed behind a bookcase to the last glass pane. With a duster in hand, he pretended to clean the shelf behind him, even though no one could really see him. The blinds half-louvered weren’t enough for anyone to know he was ogling the eye-catching cowboy like a stalker.

There hadn’t been a man in a long time that had captured his undivided attention. The good looks and his commanding strut put out an air of confidence. He wanted to meet him, hear his voice, know him intellectually, and touch him intimately. What he really wanted to know the most, but was afraid to find out, what was the man’s sexual orientation.

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