New Release: BEASTLY RAPTURE, by Brenda Williamson

Beastly Rapture
by Brenda Williamson

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Angelina Barlow doesn’t like being told what to do, even by a handsome man stealing her plane. Overpowered by him and his sidekick, she’s left no choice, and ends up in a doomed flight from Texas that crashes south of the border. However, her predicament isn’t as perilous as the attraction she has for the dangerously sexy man kidnapping her.

Desiderio “Dez” Chavez is on a mission to steal the daughter of a powerful rancher. When Dez inadvertently ends up with the wrong girl, he’s in more trouble than thievery or kidnapping could get him. The gorgeous young blonde stimulates a primitive ache in his loins that he can’t and he doesn’t ignore.

As they travel together in the lush beauty of the Mexican jungle, fighting their feelings, yet giving into sexual desire, an emotional bond is created. And what started as a savage seduction becomes a mutual and sacred awakening of their love-starved spirits. It’s this mysterious connection that presents a new threat to Angelina’s wellbeing.

The Chupacabras are gruesome, blood-sucking beasts and they want the woman Dez has claimed for himself. Can he protect his Angel from a fate worse than death, and if so, will she still want him when she learns the secrets he keeps about the legendary creatures?

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