Book Release: HAUNTING ECHOES OF LOVE, Brenda Williamson

Haunting Echoes of Love
by Brenda Williamson

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Hot sex with a handsome stranger one night, leads a woman on a path toward grave danger. Can her lover save her from death, or will stalking love kill them both?

Nightmares of a stalker, visions of drowning, and someone mysteriously leaving buttons are not the only bizarre happenings in Holly Meadow’s life. A handsome stranger she picks up in a bar becomes the center of her life after a torrid night of sex, and she doesn’t know whether to fear him or trust him. Either way, his lust makes her a prisoner of desire.

A fixation with a beautiful woman controls Lark Ellis. Destiny has thrown her in his path and he doesn’t have the power to break free of his obsession to claim her heart. Little does he know that his pretend chance meeting will ignite the danger he hoped to avoid. However, she’s in trouble, and he can’t refuse to help, nor can he ignore the passion she brings to his bed.

Puppets in the hands of fate, can Lark and Holly change destiny?

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