Cat Genie Toilet

I love cats!

I collect cats!

I have 9 indoor cats, and I have roughly 24 outdoor cats & kittens. I say roughly, because they come and go. Some are feral, can't be caught, and that's okay. We live in the country. The only reason they hang out in my barn is because I insist on feeding them. Though, recently they showed me their hunting skills and left me a dead chipmunk in my tack room.

But the outdoor cats are where I'm going.

While I love cats and wanted some indoors, I absolutely hate cleaning liter boxes. And with 9 cats, I have to have a lot of them. So recently, I finally broke down and bought a Cat Genie liter box. OMG what took me so long. While pricey, this is a fabulous device, and it will save me money over time. But more, it takes away the chore of cleaning a liter box all together. This machine self cleans, washes, & dries special granules. It has to be hooked to water, and either drained into toliet or other sewage drain like the clothes washer drain.

The cartridges are also pricy, but I discovered on eBay, you can order a refillable cartridge making the cleaning cycles cheap.

I love this so much, I bought a second one, and I highly recommend it to anyone that hates stinky cat liter boxes. Just click on the Cat Genie link above to go to their site and view a video. And no, I'm not their representative, just a very satisfied costomer.


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