Where Does Money Go?

Money trickles out of here constantly. My 2 year old nephew, stole my golf cart and crashed it into his father's workshop. It smashed the metal siding in and broke the axle on my golf cart. Well we bought a piece of siding for the workshop, and my brother welded and fixed my axle, but then trying to charge the golf cart, found the fuse blown in the charger. I've hunted and hunted for a 21 amp fuse for my Powerwise II charger, unfortunately, it's so old, can't find one. These chargers cost from $400-$600 new. My golf cart was only $1500.

Well I found a 25 amp for a newer model and we're going to try that. It's about the size of a silver dollar and it's still almost $25, a better price than the whole charger. But if it doesn't work and blows my whole charger, then we'll have to go the more expensive route. Still, what the hell, the charger doesn't work now, so I might as well try the cheap route.

Where does your money trickle off to?

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