Snakes & Mice

I've had a big mice problem in my house for months and months and months. I thought it might be because of the remodeling I'm doing on my house, but funny thing is, the mice have stuck to the area of my bedroom. A room that is far removed from the work area. I've laid glue traps by the hundreds to stop them from wreaking havoc on my clothing, sticking up the closets, eating open tubes of medicine (one must have really liked the Neosporin, because he ate all of it), and mostly, from getting in bed with me. Unfortunately, my dog sometimes likes to do cat things, and he killed a mouse and brought it to my bed.

I could tolerate the mice. They keep mostly out of sight and on the move. It was the day I found a two foot snake at the foot of my bed that I began to have concerns. They don't care to move fast most of the time and have no objection to crawling in bed to sleep. While I'm not actually afraid of snakes, I tend to favor not getting bit by a rattler. This particular one happened to be a harmless garden variety. Well, harmless in the fact he'd not kill me. But it doesn't me he'd not bite.

We spend that night searching the bedroom for the access point. I found a hole where a wire comes through from the attic. I've decided that's where everyone was getting in and have sealed their route. So far, two weeks and no more mice and no more snakes. I like to pretend I have the problem solved, so please, don't tell me different. Living in oblivion is better than worridom (yes, I'm aware I made up this word) any day.


  1. Oy! I hope you used steelwool to fill the hole. I hate those boogers!

  2. It was a big hole under a shelf about 3 foot off the floor and I filled it with a lot of caulk. So far, no mice. I think the problem is solved for good in that location.