Doing What You Love

When I was thinking about what to share today, I was struck by how much I love my job. Next to my amazing family, my great passion is writing books and sharing them with readers. Don’t get me started on the subject of writing unless you want me to gush my joy all over you. Seriously, I’ve been known to blubber for a very long time about anything writing-related (sorry to those of you trapped in line with me in the coffee shop the day my first book came out).

I have reason to be giddy. I dreamed about being a published author for twenty years before it finally happened. You read that correctly—twenty years. During that pre-pubbed period it was easy to lose faith.

I felt like a young woman standing outside the world’s most exclusive party doing everything in her power to get inside. Here I was all dressed up in my best party gown, knocking on the door, but for whatever reasons, those folks inside (agents and editors) couldn’t hear me. Maybe they were having too much fun with all those other authors, dancing and toasting and laughing. I could only imagine what was going on inside, but man-oh-man I wanted in!

I got close a few times. The door cracked open just enough for me to take a peek before shutting in my face again. It was maddening. And depressing. But I didn’t stop writing or give up my dream.

One day, a crazy idea for a short-story bloomed in my head. What would happen if Death, personified as a man who never dies, falls in love with a woman he has come to kill.

Now, you have to understand that I don’t write short-stories. I write novels. This idea nagged at me until I finally gave in and started writing it. I wasn’t sure it would go anywhere but it didn’t really matter because I was doing this for fun. Those of you who are not writers might find the idea of writing a story for fun sort of…what’s the word?…insane.

I don’t disagree with you, but it is important to remember that I LOVE (that’s big love) to make up stories. I gave myself permission to write Soul Stealer just for me and had a ball doing it. Instead of a short-story, I’d created a novella (my first ever) full of twists, cameos, humor, scary stuff, intrigue, redemption and the kind of love that never dies. It was the kind of story I like to read.

And you know what happened? The party door opened and the editors at Samhain Publishing welcomed me inside (which made me drop to my knees, thank God and cry my eyes out with happiness). Without giving out too many party secrets, I’ll tell you this—I love it here and am NEVER leaving.

My advice to you is to keep knocking on the door to your future and don’t give up. Sometimes the biggest dreams take a little while to come true. Loving what you do will make all the difference. Giving yourself permission to have fun with it will bring you joy.

If you have any success stories to share, I’d love read them in the comments. If you have any questions for me, put them in the comments too.

Thanks for having me,

Kimberley Troutte

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When Death falls in love with a saint, there’s holy hell to pay.

Sara Lane expects to die young, but when the time comes, she’s not ready. She needs two more weeks to finish a homeless shelter before winter sets in and people die on the streets. Who does a girl have to sleep with to live a few extra days?

How about the sexiest, most dangerous of all bad boys—Death himself?

Cain’s job as a designated death dealer is clear. Kill and move on. Don’t get attached. Don’t feel. But when Sara pleads to cut a deal for more time, Cain is tempted by an unexpected craving for this beautiful, courageous woman. As their lips meet, her life force shakes him to his bones, seals the bargain—and breaks all the rules.

Keeping Sara alive is a dangerous proposition. The Powers That Be are furious and unleash bloodthirsty demons to steal Sara’s soul from Death—the one man who’s hell-bent on saving her life.


Product Warnings

This book contains the sexiest of all bad boys, a woman desperate to get what she wants, deadly soul-sucking demons, surprise visits by Biblical characters, frog grenades, very bad dogs, sacrifice, redemption and eternal love.


  1. Wow, I absolutely adored this post because it is how I feel every day I get to write. And now that I'm published, I never take it for granted! Congrats on your book it looks SO good I am buying it!

  2. Sorry, I've tried to leave a comment three times now. Stupid IPad...Grumble, grumble.

    Anyway, thank you so very much, Jennifer. Congrats to you as well. I wish you great fortune in your writing career. Keep writing!

  3. It's so easy to get discouraged, but hats off to you for persevering! And isn't it interesting that the story you wrote just for yourself was the one which sold. Goes to show it's best to write what you love.

  4. Thank you. I agree. I did sell the 20-year book to Samhain after I sold Soul Stealer, but it did still need some work (at least 5 more rounds of edits!). I truly believe that writers learn from each book we write. Doing what you love makes that process all the sweeter. Try not to get discouraged. Get better, keep writing. Thanks for commenting.