Guilty Pleasures - The Everyday Kind

While there may be books titled Guilty Pleasures. There are also real guilty pleasures we all have. I can't say I actually feel guilty after the fact, but the pressures of those little things we do to make ourselves feel good, does come back to haunt us.

Most of us probably can rattle off at least a half dozen or more guilty pleasures, but I'll narrow mine down to the top three.

  • Chocolate candy - Put it in front of me and I eat it.
       Guilt level depends on if I'm going through a period of Gerd and it makes me bloat to the point I'm in pain. Or, I'm on a diet, and then any candy should be a no-no.

  • Groceries - I like to buy them, I mean get more then I need, more than necessary.
      Guilt is spending money on things that might go to waste. Really, how many of those different vegetables will I eat before they spoil and have to be thrown away.

  • Television - I have 6 TV's in my house. 2 of them are in my bedroom and 2 of them in my home office.

       Guilt - Watching too much when I have so much work to do.

What's your everyday kind of guilty pleasures?

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