A Wicked Wolf --- Explicit Excerpt

A Wicked Wolf
by Brenda Williamson

Warning - Extremely Explicit

He ran his hand up and down her thighs, between them, thumbing open the lips of her cunt. She watched him bend down and nuzzle his nose in her sex. He sniffed her twice and then licked her. His teeth grasped the tender flesh and pulled.

Trepidation flitted through her. His animal-like behavior scared her. But it was like a wild ride at an amusement park. She expected—wanted to feel on edge, to have the rush of adrenaline. With her eyes closed, she thought of the other sensations he created. The puffs of his heated breath moved over her belly, up to her breasts, back down to her spread legs.

He licked between the folds of her sex again, deeper, sucking her clit into his mouth. She swept her arms along the porch up over her head, surrendering to his actions. Her core throbbed in anticipation of his thick cock plunging in her.

He lifted up and grabbed her right leg under the knee.

“Turn over.” He pulled at her to roll her.

She shook her head, wanting the intimacy of facing him when he came in her again. He forced her over.

“No, J.R.” She fought his positioning of her.

On hands and knees, she tried crawling away. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back. His face slammed into her bottom. She wanted to try to escape him again, except he buried his nose into the split of her ass and sniffed.

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