Starting the New Year with A Cat Named Hercules

The holidays are over and I'm glad to have settled back into my normal routine. Being at my keyboard typing manically is more fun than it is work. As 2012 plays itself out, I will hit a major milestone - ten years as a published writer. I was offered my first contract in December of 2002, although I didn’t sign it until January of 2003. I wrote under a different name in those days. It was [that author] who paid the dues, struggled through the learning curve, and gave me the confidence to continue at my chosen craft.

This business of writing doesn’t allow anyone to rest on his or her laurels. A new year means new ventures and new ways to grow. Some of us might go kicking and screaming into new things, but we know it’s necessary and we eventually come to terms with it. Then there are other things, like becoming a guest blogger with a regular bi-monthly gig that we gleefully take hop into. (Thanks, Brenda!)

These days I’m more settled about writing. I remember the frenzied past with a little sadness. Why did I put myself through all that? All the “must dos” that only served to heap a ton of stress on my head have, thankfully, slipped away although my presence here gives witness that I’m still working to “get my name out there.” I suppose the difference is now I don’t feel like I must blog, I must promo, I must do this, I must do that. No, the only thing I must do is write a good book. That’s a writer’s top priority and all else is filler for those times when my subconscious is simmering the next chapter in the latest work-in-progress.

Looking ahead, I’m not sure where a regular blog column will take me. I’ve read and admired Morgan Ashbury’s “Wednesdays Words” for quite a while now, but my life isn’t ready for that level of commitment. Brenda, our gracious hostess, didn’t set any restrictions on the content of my bi-monthly column, but who wants to simply do promo all the time? And what of a name for this column? Now I have to think about that!

I’ll close this first post with a bit of self-promotion - where you can find me on the Internet, and a bit about my new release, A Cat Named Hercules. And yes, I really did have a cat named Hercules at one point in my life.

KC Kendricks


by KC Kendricks

contemporary gay romance

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-234-8
Available at Amber Allure

New in town, Shiloh Rudy joins a group of civic-minded volunteers to better acquaint himself with his recently adopted community. It’s a good way to make friends, network, and help make a difference, not to mention perhaps meet someone interesting—in a romantic sort of way. The one thing Shiloh didn’t expect was a love to rival all others to come with four white paws.

Gale Widmyer is on his feet and moving forward after piecing his life back together following a series of wrong choices. The one bright spot in his existence, even in his darkest moments, was the fulfillment of his dream to become a veterinarian. Gale’s making good on a promise to himself when an abandoned kitten leads him to Shiloh Rudy and a chance at the happiness he never hoped to have.

Laying the cornerstone for a developing relationship comes easy for Shiloh and Gale. But the wounds of the past often remain unhealed at their deepest point. A few careless words erect a wall of silence between the two men, one Shiloh has to breach if he hopes to win Gale back. But it will take more than apologies to win Gale’s forgiveness and put old fears to rest. It’ll take a cat named Hercules...


…The abrupt weaning I understood, but the other? Who would do that to such a helpless creature? “Then I’m keeping him.”

“In that case, your kitten has fleas, ear mites, and a touch of conjunctivitis. He’s also under nourished and almost surely has worms.”

My heart pounded as I snatched the kitten from Galen’s hands and tucked him safely against my chest. “Is he going to die?”

Galen pushed his sunglasses up to rest on top of his head and grinned at me. I fell into his gorgeous hazel eyes as he stared into my sky blue orbs with open curiosity. Damn, the man had long eyelashes.

“He’ll be fine. Do you think we can finish our chores here this morning, or do we need to go straight to my clinic so I can treat him and fix you up with what you need?” He poked the kitten’s paw and those tiny, wicked claws popped out again. “You’re in for a real treat with this little guy.”

I’d go anywhere he asked me to go, but I didn’t want to appear too eager. “Oh? Why is that?”

“They call cats with these black and white markings a ‘tuxedo’ because, obviously, they look like they’re wearing one. This fellow has the added bonus of white ‘gloves.’ Tuxedos tend to have a lot of personality.” Galen squeezed my elbow. I thought his hand lingered a moment too long, but perhaps it was just wishful thinking.

“C’mon. I’ll tell the other work crew they’ll have to finish pulling up these bricks and we’ll go to the clinic.”

“Thanks, man. I owe you.”

I knew I was in two kinds of trouble when he nodded and grinned. “I’m afraid you will…”
* * * *
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