How Many Friends Do You Have?

Friends come in various assortments. Maybe they're lifelong, maybe they're temporary. Are yours related to you or someone you met?
I saw an article about friends and found myself thinking about the ones I've had and have. As a writer, I'm naturally reclusive. I seldom leave home or go outside. Of course, I'm self-employed, so this makes for an easy option not to open my door. My dress up clothes are usually clean sweats and a t-shirt without stains.
So, who are my friends?
My adult son can be said to be number one. It's just us in my house. If I go shopping when he's not at work, he goes along (how else can he get mom to pay for his "stuff').
My other friends don't spread far from the family roots. I spend a lot of time with my brother and his wife. He's my handyman when I need one and she's my shopping buddy when I have the urge to talk while I shop.
And the others... None. I hang with my father, not often as our busy schedules are never insync.
Then I have my online acquaintences for chatter and a few special ones I wished lived closer, but glad they don't or I'd never get any writing done.
So, are friends necessary? I guess that depends on how well you're content with your own company. 

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