Big Dicks From Arkansas

Now, don't go crazy on me. It's not what you think - well, it is - but, it isn't. You see this was one of my grandmother's saying. She passed a few weeks ago at – almost 94 - and she was a character. When she was young, she heard someone talking about so-and-so being a 'big dick' from Arkansas. She never forgot it. So anytime she thought about somebody being important - she called him a big dick from Arkansas.

Well, I write erotic romances and have ten releases under my belt. My grandmother read them all. One day she asked me if all of my heroes had big dicks. I laughed at her and admitted that 'yes' they did. She looked at me over her spectacles and said that it was probably a good idea because who would want to read a romance novel about a man who had a little dick.

My grandmother critiqued my stories and in the beginning she was not so happy about all the sex scenes. She mellowed out somewhat - even though the oral sex part was not her favorite. My graphic descriptions of luscious blow-jobs was not her cup of tea. But, let me tell you this. Last year, we went shopping together. At one point, it was too cold for her to get out of the car and I handed her a book to read to entertain herself. Now, it wasn't one of mine. I won't tell you whose it was - but it was on the New York Times best seller list. I left her reading and went to do my errands. When I came back, I found that she had tossed the book over on my side of the car and it was lying in the floor board. I took that as a sign that she didn't like the book too much. I asked her what the problem was - now, get this. She said that it wasn't spicy enough for her. I almost died. This was the woman who had initially wanted me to write Christian romances. I laughed at her and told her that she had been reading too many of my stories. She said that I was probably right - that she liked - now get this - she liked stories with big dicks and happy endings. I laughed till I cried. Big dicks and happy endings.

I told the woman who does my computer work about that and she said we ought to incorporate and call our company BD&HE - Big Dicks and Happy Endings. Could anything be more perfect? Now, my grandmother's definition of a happy ending is not the standard masseuse table definition. She literally means that a 'happy ending' is a sweet love story that ends with the hero and heroine riding off into the sunset together. One of my favorite Elvis songs is 'Happy Endings'. I have always pictured myself speaking at a Romance Writer's of America Conference on the topic of - let's say 'big dicks and happy endings' and finishing the speech by breaking into song - - - "Happy Endings. . . Happy Endings – singing about a story with a Happy Ending. When boy meets girl and they never part again - but live forever happily -" If you don't know the song - you should - go buy an Itunes version. There's no one and nothing like Elvis.

Anyway - my grandmother had a unique way of looking at things. I can picture how she looked reading one of my books – in my mind, I’m watching her read as she eats Doritios - she chuckles every once in a while and when she does, I know she's come to one of the big dick parts.

Below is an excerpt for you from My Aliyah - Heart in Chains, my novel of a Texas Ranger with a big dick - but he's not from Arkansas.

My Aliyah
Heart in Chains
by Sable Hunter

Aliyah jerked awake. She had been touched! Every battle instinct that she had went on red alert. Slipping the knife from her thigh, she flipped her attacker onto his back and held him at her mercy. With one slight move she had the knife right where it could do the most good. The tip end of it nestled at the base of a tender sac - the only thing saving her nemesis was his thin BVD‘s.

About two seconds later, she was awake enough to realize that it was Ty she had way-laid. She remembered where she was and how she got there. Still, opportunity was knocking and Aliyah was nothing if not resourceful. A quick thinker, she decided to play the hand she had been dealt. “All right, Ranger Landon. Do I have your attention?”

Well, good Lord! Did she have his attention? Hell, yeah! She had a knife to his balls. “Undivided.” Better his attention be undivided than his nuts be shelled. “I’m sort of attached to my business, baby.” Even though she pretended to be threatening to castrate him; Ty was harder than ever. She was spread over him like icing on a cake and he could feel her unfettered breasts molding tenderly to his chest. He didn’t know what this was all about, but he did know that she wouldn’t hurt him “What did I do to get your dander up?”

“You must have touched me in your sleep. This is how I react when I’m startled out of my slumber.” She could feel his cock pressing against her. It was hard and throbbing. What if he had been like this all night? Poor baby. Mustering up her courage, she decided to make the most of the situation. “I will do you no permanent damage; if you cooperate.” She kissed him on the end of the nose. It was almost dark in the room; but she could still see his face quiet clearly. To say he looked surprised, was putting it lightly. “You are a living doll, Ranger. Would you like to be my man?”

He chuckled, realizing she was turning the tables on him. With complete disregard for the sharp blade pressed to his twig and berries, and with an effortless twist of his body, Ty rolled her over until he had her pressed securely into the mattress beneath him. “The knife wasn’t necessary, sweetheart, there’s nothing I’d rather be than your man.” Aliyah was careful not to stick him as she pulled the knife from between them. Instead of using it on him, she threw it to the floor. For this she needed both hands. Edging one knee and one leg out from under him, Aliyah put an arm around his neck as if she were about to pull him down for a kiss. Instead, she applied unexpected pressure to a few strategically placed nerves - and flipped the two hundred fifty plus pounds of cowboy to his back. Now, she was on top - astraddle an erection as big and hard as an iron pipe. “Oh, baby!” He laughed. “I’m going to enjoy playing with you.” With slow, caressing movements, he slipped his hands under her tank top. Her skin was as soft as the softest silk, “What did you have in mind, Ah-Lee-Ah?” Right now, he would take a long run on a short pier - anything to get a piece of her. “I’m yours for the taking.”

Moving slightly, she took hold of his hands, pulling them away from the bare skin of her back. She didn’t want him to find the scars - couldn’t bear to see the look of disgust and rejection on his face when he realized exactly who she was and what she’d had to do to survive. Kissing him across his brow, down the bridge of his nose, Aliyah trembled on top of him. “This is for the good of the mission. Our sexual tension - it is causing too much distraction. Now, lay perfectly still - or I will have to temporarily paralyze you.” She smiled so radiantly at him, that he started to volunteer for the paralysis - but, he really, really wanted to participate in this sensual exercise. “Take off your underwear,” she ordered.

Eagerly, Ty raised his hips up and shucked his shorts. “Take off yours,” he urged - more aroused than he could ever remember being.

“My nakedness will not be required for this encounter.” She wiggled around until she fit her damp, silk-covered center over his engorged cock.

Tyler moaned his appreciation of the erotic contact. “I don’t mean to put in, doll-face, - this is your rodeo - but it would all go in a lot smoother if there wasn’t so much material clogging up the works.” He caught his breath as she started to ease herself up and down over his tumescence. Her clit drug deliciously over the hard ridge of his flesh.

Stop! She warned herself, her pleasure was not what this was about. She stilled, knowing that she could not allow any intimacy on her part without revealing to him her sordid history. All the background information that she had dredged up on him, told her that he was a good man - while she was unworthy to latch his shoes.

“I want inside you,” Ty growled, trying to push her brief underwear aside so he could find her hot, creamy center. “Now!” he demanded.

Aliyah captured both of his hands within her own. “We do this my way - or not at all. Understand?” She was talking big, but Aliyah was so excited she was already damp with desire. “I am in control.”

Ty clenched his teeth - he was dying here! “Hell! Fine! Whatever you say! Just please, for God’s sake - take off your top and let me suck on those sweet tits!” His demand fired up her blood. For a moment, she debated the issue, then giving in to both of their needs, she surrendered on that point. Lifting her arms over her head she pulled the tank top off, revealing honey colored breasts tipped with nipples that were puffed up with passion, stiff and distended - reaching for his lips. “Sweet Jesus,” he breathed. “How fuckin’ perfect could you get?!” Reverently, he touched them - one in each hand, testing their weight. Running his palms up the sides of the generous mounds, he circled them languorously, not only enjoying the feel of her skin - but the look in her eyes as he gave her pleasure. “I have never seen more beautiful breasts. Do you like that, Ah-Lee-Ah?”

“Oh, yes,” she sighed as she fought not to scrub her velvety core over him. Her labia lips were cupped over his girth as if they were two pieces of the same puzzle - they fit like a matching set. “But, do you have to say my name like it has seven syllables?” Laughing, she decided to enjoy the moment, so she put her hands over his, pressing them into the flesh of her breasts. “Harder,” she demanded. The Dom in him went on red-alert. Even though she was on top and supposedly in control, her request for a more intense touch told him volumes. His baby was not made of spun glass - she was a flesh and blood woman who could give as good as she got.

He found her nipples with his fingers and began milking them with sure, womb-contracting strokes. Aliyah leaned into his hands, the joy that she was receiving from his touch was a thousand times more than she had imagined. “Suck them, Tyler. I need your mouth on me!” At her bidding, he anxiously brought his lips to her breast.

“Mmmm, I’ve dreamed of getting these into my mouth. Let’s see if they taste as good as they look.” Aliyah closed her eyes in ecstatic bliss as he began to lave and suck and pull and suckle. Ty wasn’t quiet about it either - he expressed his enjoyment in moans and grunts of appreciation. Grasping his head with both hands, she kissed him on top of his soft brown hair repeatedly as he nursed at her breast.

“I want you!” he gritted, letting one nipple pop from his mouth. “I can’t stand it - I’m about to explode!”

She wanted him, more than she had ever wanted anyone or anything in her life - but her sense of decency held her back. Aliyah wasn’t ready to bare her heart and soul - and until she could do that, she would not go all the way with him. Instead, she would give him relief. “I will take care of you.”

Before he could say Judge Roy Bean, she had slid down until her mouth was level with his penis. “Aliyah, what are you doing?” He tried to pull her up, but she held back. “I want to make love to you,” his voice had a hard, desperate edge to it.

“Patience, love,” the endearment slipped out before she caught it. “I am going to make love to you.” The promise in her voice soothed him, but he was still confused as to why she was avoiding his ardor.

Aliyah closed her hand around his gigantic member. “Ty, you are beautiful,” she praised him. “If it were possible, I know you would fill me up and it would feel amazing.” A sad note in her voice gave him pause, and if he hadn’t been about to burst - perhaps he would have pursued her wistfulness. “I am sure that you are an incredible lover,” she continued to praise him. With her lips and tongue she began a sure caress, rubbing her mouth up and down him - tasting, licking, letting her tongue dance over his silk covered steel.

“Let me show you, baby, how good it can be. Please?” Putting his hands under her arms, he attempted to pull her up.

“No,” she was insistent. “My way, remember?” Groaning, he fell back. She rewarded his cooperation by picking his large organ up and taking the head of it in her mouth and bathing it with the warmth of her tongue. She sucked lightly, dipping the end of her tongue deep into the slit, sipping the essence that came out to greet her. “Mary, Mother, Joseph. . .” mumbled Tyler as he succumbed to the pure pleasure he was receiving from her intimate kiss. “That’s right, angel baby - suck me - suck me hard.” Ty’s hips began to buck upward as he sought to push more and more of his tremendous cock into her mouth. Aliyah accepted all that she could; she held her head at such an angle so she could take him down her throat. Considering what she had endured in the past, Aliyah had never thought she would ever willingly put herself in a position like this again. But, with Ty - it was different. She wanted him in her mouth - she wanted to immerse herself in his taste - she wanted to inhale the muskiness of his unique, private odor. She wanted to take within her just as much of him as nature would allow.

Tyler did what she would permit - he stroked her head, he caressed her face, wishing that she would let him show her what he could do! She had no idea how deep he could run his tongue up her channel or how sweetly he could suck on her little clit. She couldn’t fathom how many ways he could take her - driving his rod home with powerful thrusts and sensuous bumps and grinds of his hips - all designed to bring her an endless number of orgasms. But, she refused to let him do anything to make her feel good. So, he lay back and enjoyed her gift.

Tyler felt like his dick was being massaged in hot, whipped cream. Every nerve in his body was screaming with enthusiasm. “That’s it baby, oh God, you’re good.” In the dim light of morning, he stole glimpses at Aliyah as she hungrily sucked his cock. It was one of the most arousing sights he had ever been privileged to see. Her little lips were stretched wide and she worked her tongue over and around his swollen glans like she was consuming a creamy dreamsicle. Her beautiful hair tumbled around her shoulders and hung like a curtain of brown silk. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I long to eat your pussy and make you come a thousand times.” She had her eyes closed, as if she were enjoying it as much as he was - not possible. Tyler was in absolute heaven. “I can’t take much more, doll. You’re making me crazy.” He had experienced incredible blowjobs from talented women, but nothing like what he was receiving from Aliyah’s sweet mouth. “Swallow, baby. I go crazy when you swallow.” She held his staff with both hands and swallowed several times - each time putting extra pressure on his dick right where he needed it. “Jesus! I am about to explode like that car bomb would have if you hadn’t been so sweet and brave.”

Aliyah’s heart reverberated with thick, churning emotions. The bittersweet feelings that were cascading through her heart were making this event much more important to her than it was to him - she realized that. He was an experienced, jaded ladies man - and she was - God, she didn’t know what she was. Sex was something she had been forced to endure - but, lovemaking was an overwhelming new experience for Aliyah. In some ways - it hurt. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. Shivers of ecstasy warred with the twinges in her heart as she realized that she could never do this again - it was wrong on more levels than she could count. Doubling her efforts, she sought to get Tyler off so she could get out.

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  1. Oh, My Gosh!! Hot! Hot! Hot! Now I see why your granny loved your reading. You suck the reader in and don't let go, and add just enough mystery to make a person wonder what is going on with Aliyah.
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