Restaurant Meal Review: Captain D's Horrendous Flounder

I went to Captain D's (Wetumpka, Alabama) a few days ago and decided to try something different than my usual 3 pc fish dinner. They had up on the marque a special, the Full Meal $4.99. I chose the 2 pc hand breaded flounder. I love flounder and I assumed hand breaded would mean I'd cut back on the calories with a lighter coating than the batter dipped fish.

Well I don't know about less calories, but when I got home, ready to enjoy the fish, I remembered an old commercial "where's the beef?" as I was thinking, "where's the fish?".

I can't say this is the typical way the hand breaded flounder is served as every location, but mine was horrible. The fish was so thin, I could hardly find it. And I mean thin as in about the thickness of a hard cover on a book.

The hand breading had to be done a dozen times. You know, like dipped in egg, dredged in flour, repeat...repeat...repeat...repeat...well you get what I mean. That coating was also the thickness of a hardback cover, and when you double that for both sides, you get double the amount of gunk vs fish.

I'll not stop going to Captain D's, but it sure won't be for this meal.

PS: I got Broccoli and Okra for my two side dishes and they were delicious as were the hush puppies, so I didn't go hungry.

* Photos are of actual pieces of my fish. I did attempt to eat some, but the edges were overcooked to a hard crack your teeth stage. When I reached the interior, it was like eating rubbery dried paste because the egg breading was so thick.

** This review is from my personal experience, I'd love to hear someone elses opinion about the flounder.

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