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Hello Romance Readers, I’m Ciara Lake. Since I was in high school, I dreamed of writing. During the day, I’m a lawyer. I represent children in juvenile and domestic court protecting their interest. I have two children of my own but live with seven children all together. My two boys are very talented with music and writing. We love the arts. Our household has two wonderful dogs too. We have a Great Pyrenees and and Shiba Inu to bring our house happiness. We are a very busy family.

One of my high school teachers was Karen Harper. I admired her writing books and now she has many published. She was my English teacher. Goes to show how adults can really influence children and teenagers. As of October 2011, I have three books available to be purchased, The Triaxen, Xihirah, and The Ketchikan Man.

I’m doing this series with Author Patricia Bates writing as Elise Whyles, Beachwalk Press is publishing the Forsaken series.

The series will feature a fantasy world filled with fantasy realms. There will be dragons, vampires, trolls, merpeople, Greek gods, Norse gods, myths, the enchanted forest, and more. Each book is a sensual experience for our readers. Both Elise and I are very excited to provide this fantasy experience to our readers. My first book in the Forsaken Series is Curse of a Dragon’s Claim book 2 in the Forsaken Series. If you enjoy dragon shifters, you’ll love Clayne MacDagon. I met Elise aka Patricia while working with my first publisher. She is an excellent editor and we have made a good friendship. With our friendship, we started talking about this Forsaken series and it was born. I am very excited about how it is developing.

I am getting ready to submit my next book in the Forsaken series, Forsaken Norse Wind book 4. It’s a story about a handsome troll who was once a Viking. I have a new spin on trolls. You’ll love Axel Venrick. I don’t think there are many books about trolls. Book 2 is to be released May 21, 2012.

I am currently working on book 6 in the Forsaken Waves of Time. This story is about a strong spirited environmentalist lawyer, Tabitha Lock. Ms. Lock is defending a company alleged to be polluting the waterways. A Merman, Jax Aquilla, also an environmental lawyer, for The Poseidon Firm, has an agenda regarding Ms. Lock and an intense dislike for the wasteful, careless, 21st century humans, who pollute our world. Jax is very intolerant at first, yet Tabitha loosens him up a bit. The two destined lovers start at odds, literally on opposite sides, but their love conquers their differences. The intensity turns to passion. Since I am a lawyer, I really am enjoying writing about lawyers.

To write is a true stress relief. It’s as if I can escape on a vacation in front of my computer. After all, in my fictional worlds there’s a big difference from the world I work in, divorce court. There’s always a happy ending in my books. sci fi and paranormal books are the most exciting to write. There are no limits to what I can imagine and write down.

Thank you, for the opportunity to blog to share a little about me as well as about my projects. Many thanks to all the readers who enjoy my adventures in love. Feel free to email me

Curse of a Dragon's Claim
by Ciara Lake

Available from Beachwalk Press


The realm of Dragons is a world of magic, danger and mystery. Embroiled in a brutal war with the Vampires, they’ve often travelled to our realm. Caught between two powerful immortal beings, humans and those once Forsaken by the immortal realm, have paid the ultimate in price.On the cusp of an ancient evils rising, a beautiful Forsaken, Arianna Mergliano will discover she’s something more than she ever imagined.

Clayne MacDagon, a powerful dragon warrior embittered by his twin’s death is sent on a mission to find the dracvipen. Seeing Arianna, he knows she is his fated mate. Embracing this truth, he takes her as his own. Together, they must face the shadows and evil that have long plagued the immortal realms and find a way to survive the coming war with their love as their only weapon.

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