Nutra Bullet

So I went shopping this week and came home with a Nutra Bullet (ie blender). I already had a Ninja-something-or-other, but I became obsessed with the info commercials spiel.

It sounded like an easy way to lose weight. Something not easily done when my day is spent sitting in front of a computer from 6 am to 10 pm.

The blender pulverizes vegetables and fruits into a smoothie and you just drink. Great plan, not such great results.

DO NOT let anyone fool you into believing these things taste great, good or even okay. Veggies and fruit wasn't meant to be drunk.

I experimented with a dozen of their recipes, all in one day. Nothing came close to being liked.

On to the good news.

The machine DOES pulverize everything very well. I couldn't believe how well it turned raw carrots into a slush.

So while the machine went back into the box and into the closet, I'm thinking it will be perfect to whip veggies for soups.

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