How to achieve Writing & Publishing Goals? by Wilson Smith

Several authors & writers dream about self-publishing a book, but only few of them are able to fulfill them, and out of these also, only few get the success. You might also be one amongst those, who wish to self publish the book. But how far do you think that you will be able to achieve it? If you have any doubt or do not know how to achieve your goals, then read the tips mentioned below.

  • Pen down your aims and goals
This is one of the most essential tips when it comes to achieving any aim or purpose. If you have your goal and objective written in a diary or notepad, then there are 70-80% chances that you'll achieve it. Also, from one research, it is analyzed that if the goals are not written, then there are only 20-30% chances that they would be accomplished.

So, if you have your writing or self publishing goal in your mind, then you must pen it down. For writers, it is easy to frame the goals in words, and in case you need any help, then you may search for the online tutorials and guides for writing achievable, measurable, exact, important, and time-bound objective.

  • Set your focus at the destination
When the goal is in your mind, it tells about great intentions. However, it is still unspecific. To achieve it, you have to decide the destination and exact path to be followed.

For instance, in your mind, you have set that, you need to write a book, and then self publish it. But, when it comes to writing a goal, you have to be precise, on what genre you would write? Will it be a non-fiction, fiction, business, romance, contemporary, or historical? Be clear with everything and proceed wisely.

  • Platform building & working in time limit
When it comes to writing a book, you have to be careful about how much time will it take to get finished. You should not do too late, otherwise your concept might get old or irrelevant. Also, you have to start working upon promoting the book side by side. You can use social networking sites like Facebook to do this. However, you must use this potential of this platform wisely.

  • Work on the alternatives precisely
What if your work-plan fails or there is some interruption? Are you prepared for it, or will you leave your goals & work in a new way? It is important that you prepare yourself with plan B as well, so that in case of any problem, you can implement to it. And yes, to decide the plan B, you have to consider every aspect.

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