A Conversation Between Writers ~ Lightning Strikes

This has been a crappy, big ol' pain-in-the-ass, sticky, screwed up week!!!!!!
Monday I went to the rental house to do some cleaning, came home 2 hours later after a brief storm. Apparently the lightning liked I wasn't home. It turned off two breakers and messed with my modem, router, two computers, two televisions and who knows what else (as the big items I use all the time were what I tried to use when I came home). So this week has been all about replacing cords, switching out computers, ordering new router and modem. I didn't have internet for 24 hours. Then my brother lent me his modem until mine came a day later. Still sitting here waiting for a router to come fedex. ~ Brenda Williamson


Nasty lightning. That really bites. I've been zapped a time or two and it's just so annoying. We finally gave in and called an electrician to install a whole-house surge protector at the panel box. Cost about $100 and boy don't I wish I'd done it sooner. I spent ten times that replacing crap. I felt sort of stupid when the guy asked why I didn't have one. Duh. Didn't know about them until he told me! ~ KC Kendricks

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