Book Release: THE HUNGERING WOLF, by Brenda Williamson

The Hungering Wolf
by Brenda Williamson

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Sheep rancher, Etta Barlow is determined to protect her flock from slaughter by rampaging wolves. Grabbed by a band of outlaws while setting traps in the forest, she’s not sure if she can trust the man that rescues her, but that doesn’t mean she’ll fight her attraction to the handsome stranger or wonder if one night of sensual passion can lead to the forever kind of love.

Half-breed wolf-shifter, Blackie Larimore is in line to become leader of the pack. For a smooth transition, he has to have a mate or fight all challengers. Rulership has always meant power, riches, and respect, and it’s the only things he has truly wanted…until he meets the irresistibly beautiful Etta, and then he worries that the power of the Blood Moon is too compelling a force for a hungering wolf.

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