Book Release: SAVAGE HEART, by Brenda Williamson

Savage Heart
by Brenda Williamson

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On the western prairies of 1870’s Nebraska, young and beautiful Eden Cruthers befriends the handsome Pawnee half breed indian, Brant Sullette. Over the years, he treats her with unrelenting respect and they fall madly in love, vowing to be together forever. But then Brant suddenly stops visiting her. And when her father discovers she’s with child, he sends her far away to Boston.

But five years later, Eden returns home with her four year old son to settle her dead father’s affairs. And as she clings to a small hope that she’ll see Brant again, she faces a fear she never expected, Brant showing up to lay claim to his son. Eden’s heart is shattered to find the indian boy she adored no longer looks affectionately at her.

Brant loved Eden with an unconditional love he never thought would waver. But Eden abandoned him and gave birth to his child far from his reach.  Filled with anger and seeking revenge he takes his son from her. Yet, when Eden begs to go with him, vowing to do anything he asks, he can’t resist the possibility to win her back.

As they find the familiar affections they once shared still strong between them, a tragic injury with their son threatens to steal all chances of him and Eden having their long desired happy future together.

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