New Release: SINFUL TIGER, by Brenda Williamson

Sinful Tiger
by Brenda Williamson

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Escaping an abusive boyfriend is easy when Devra abandons him during their sailing trip to the Caribbean. After a storm traps her on a sandbar of an island cove, she’s forced to go ashore. Disoriented by too much wine consumption in the heat, and vulnerable to affection, she is seduced into an affair with a mysterious man, thinking he’s the tiger from her erotic dreams.

Gannon Tremain lives by the curse of a voodoo priestess. By day a man, buy night an animal, he struggles against an affliction that makes him especially dangerous to women. Then he encounters Devra. His instincts as the tiger demand he mate her, but as a man, he fights the urge until her sultry plea defeats his human will.

Can passion cure a curse when an old evil surrounds the lovers? Only time will tell if beauty can tame the beast.

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