A Damsel in Distress

Nowadays they say readers like kick-butt heroines--strong, determined women that don't need a man, but when they see one they want they go after him.

Well in, A Damsel in Distress, Irisa may need the help of a man, but she's no wilting flower.
ISBN: 9781603101745
Red Sage Publishing
Irisa Mansfield is having a very bad day. First she’s abducted by barbarians, bound at the wrists, and hoisted onto the back of a stolen dragon. Then she falls from the dragon’s back and finds herself alone in the middle of an empty field, still bound and now utterly unprotected.
What she needs is a knight in shining armor to come to her rescue. What she gets is Sir Ware Pembroke, a dragon rider more interested in recovering his stolen dragon than in untying her. She orders him. She commands him. She demands his obedience.
But still her wrists are tied.
Ware is not accustomed to women who try to boss him around. In fact, he’s not accustomed to anyone bossing him around. But he knows how to handle a thief, so he throws the brazen wench over his shoulder and gives her a good spanking as he carries her away from the field. He intends to see to it that she’s punished properly, but instead finds himself at every step battling his captive … and his powerful attraction to her.

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